Your department might be overdue for an annual checkup

Department leaders often don’t realize the influential role they play in the entire institution’s long-term success. These leaders may think their decisions solely affect their departments. While that may be true in each isolated case, holistically, these decisions have a significant impact on their institution’s strategic priorities. To ensure institutional and departmental priorities are aligned, […]

How Salisbury University builds a data-informed culture

Dr. Richard Wilkens, Associate Provost at Salisbury University (SU), spoke with us about how he has led SU’s efforts to create a data-informed culture. See what tips he shared to increase adoption and use of data, analyses that helped increase course completion rates, and more.

Secrets to successful influence

Data-informed decisions are a priority for most college and universities. But simply making the data available is hardly enough of a push to get staff to actively use it. Here's three secrets to influence increased data utilization at your school.

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