5 emerging responsibilities for Facilities leaders

As budgets tighten and campus needs change, the role of the Senior Facilities Officer (SFO) is evolving—and expanding. Based on interviews with 100+ Facilities leaders, this infographic highlights the five responsibilities demanding more and more SFO time. It also maps these roles to resources available on
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Highlights from the Facilities Forum 2019 national meeting series

Every year, the Facilities Forum’s research cycle culminates in a series of executive roundtables hosted across the country, where groups of 20-30 senior Facilities officers convene to discuss their biggest strategic challenges. Read our recap of this past year’s sessions and reserve your seat for the upcoming series, which will focus on topics including the […]

Build your list of Facilities KPIs with these quick-start guides

These guides provide EAB’s recommendations of metrics for Facilities leaders to consider tracking. The goal is to provide a principled starting point for dashboard conversations. While the quick-start guides won’t be right for every campus, they can jump-start dashboard conversations. Campus Operations Metrics Quick-Start GuideCampus operations metrics can include building condition, operating costs, staffing levels, […]
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10 ways to implement maintenance endowments

While campus growth is an important priority for many higher education institutions, each new building comes with substantial upfront and recurring costs. Unfortunately, campus leaders often focus on first costs (e.g., design and construction) without considering how to appropriately fund recurring costs (e.g., maintenance and renewal) across a building’s lifecycle. While some institutions obtain incremental […]

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