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2022 PAE Executive Roundtable

In this roundtable event, we will take a look back at where the PCO unit has been over the past 10 years, consider where we stand today, and explore what the future may hold. These sessions are best suited for Vice Presidents of Professional Adult / Continuing Online Education and executive-level contacts in Marketing.

Jump-Starting Market-Responsive Program Development: How to Use EAB’s Market Insights Service to Support Growth

Join our experts to learn more about our different project types and how our most successful partners work with our team. We’ll also preview some of the new developments in the Market Insights pipeline. This session is best suited for Executives of Professional/ Continuing/ Online/Adult Education who are interested in growing their enrollments but have not yet explored EAB’s Market Insights offerings or related resources to achieve that growth.

Research and Services

Addressing the need for nursing education amidst shortages

Academic leaders recognize the need for nursing education but encounter three challenges. EAB dug into labor market data, reviewed the literature, and talked with successful programs to identify how schools can launch and expand nursing programs.


Three Myths About Competency-Based Education

Learn about the costs, challenges, and risks of CBE launch and uncover three predominant myths about competency-based education.

Lead and Inquiry Management Software Toolkit

Access a suite of tools and resources to help members who are considering, or are in the process of implementing, Customer Relationship Management or Marketing Automation software.

How the Professional & Adult Education Forum helped UMBC launch a Master’s in Health IT

Learn how the Professional & Adult Education Forum’s market research service provided the University of Maryland-Baltimore County with employer demand data and actionable advice to launch a successful Master’s in Health IT.

Quick Reads

Do your academic programs meet military students’ needs and preferences?

Like other adult learner populations, our research shows that military students are more likely to prioritize shorter completion times and alignment to their post-service career when choosing a program.

Which program type is best for your adult degree completers?

While we know that only about 10 to 15% of this population will go back to school, adult degree completers remain an important audience for institutions.

5 Tips to Reach, Engage, and Enroll a More Diverse Graduate Student Body

Blogs 5 Tips to Reach, Engage, and Enroll a More Diverse Graduate Student Body By Camilla Arias August 26, 2022 4 min read Email LinkedIn While Black student enrollment in graduate programs increased in recent years, many enrollment leaders are rightfully concerned about the longevity and sustainability of this trend. And even with this increase, […]


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