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How to Save Your MBA: Working Session to Understand the Changing MBA Landscape and How to Adapt

We’ve taken a critical look at the MBA programs succeeding in today’s difficult market to identify the most important program design decisions. From your admissions requirements to program curriculum, learn how you can optimize your MBA’s alignment to students’ needs as well as position the program to compete against both other MBAs and emerging alternatives.

Demystifying Alternative Credentials and Providers: Opportunities and Threats

Stackable certificates, microcredentials, and MOOCs 2.0—among a plethora of alternative offerings—are evolving quickly, engaging a growing share of post-baccalaureate learners. Continuing education leaders are concerned that traditional approaches to alternative degrees are being disrupted, potentially replaced altogether.

Research and Services

Understanding Your Future Adult Learner

To help our partners recruit and serve their future adult learners, EAB surveyed more than 2,000 current and prospective adult, graduate, online, and professional students about the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and their enrollment plans.


Executive Guide to Certificate Market Risks and Opportunities

This whitepaper details the market trends that make it difficult for certificate enrollments to take off and profiles six successful certificate programs designed specifically to reach underserved markets, advance regional partnerships, and to continually test evolving market demand.

COVID-19 Campus Survey Guide

Use this resource to learn the fundamentals of how to create a campus survey during COVID-19 and use our question bank to get started.

The COVID-19 Outbreak’s Impacts Across the Professional and Adult Portfolio

As the coronavirus crisis impacts professional job prospects and university enrollment targets, professional and adult education units must develop innovative and flexible programs which meet the evolving needs of the market, young alumni, and working professionals.

Quick Reads

Launching tech graduate programs? Here’s how to make them stand out

How can universities design tech programs to stand out in this increasingly competitive market? After advising more than 40 universities on technology programs in the past year through EAB’s Market Insights service, I can offer three ways to make your graduate technology programs stand out in a crowded market.

What does the strong employer demand for speech-language pathologists mean for your university?

Here’s how your school capitalize on growing employer and student demand for speech-language pathology programs.

Here’s how to show students your master’s program is worth it

Learn how to convey your program’s value—and empower students to enroll with the confidence that your program can help them achieve their professional goals.


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