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2023 PAE Executive Roundtable

Join EAB’s annual fall roundtable for professional, continuing, and online (PCO) education leaders in Washington, D.C where you’ll have the opportunity to engage in highly interactive, executive-level conversations about the most pressing challenges facing higher education today.

Meeting the Moment of Mega-Stealth Shopping

In 2022, leaders of professional, continuing, adult, and online education are facing many of the same challenges as they were five years ago, but with the temperature turned all the way up. As Gen Z becomes part of the adult learner audience, institutions need to understand widespread behavioral shifts to better reach and appeal to today’s audience.

Research and Services

Building an Effective Graduate Enrollment Management Plan

This study explores the need for a graduate enrollment management plan, as well as the framework and the elements of an effective graduate enrollment management plan.


Opportunities and threats of alternative credentials

To maximize the market opportunity and minimize the disruption presented by alternative credentials, institutions will need to rethink both their investments in and approaches to post-baccalaureate programs.

Understanding Your Future Adult Learner

To help our partners recruit and serve their future adult learners, EAB surveyed more than 2,000 current and prospective adult, graduate, online, and professional students about the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and their enrollment plans.

The Industry Future Series: Exploring the Next Era of Professional Programming

Discover resources that will help colleges and universities understand the most impactful ways to adjust academic programming to keep pace with technological advancements in the Digital Revolution.

Quick Reads

Why two thirds of graduate enrollment leaders may leave their jobs

EAB Adult Learner Recruitment and NAGAP recently surveyed several hundred graduate enrollment leaders on their current staffing challenges. Here are three key conclusions we observed—and what institutions can do to combat these issues.

Is your digital front door open?

One crucial component of a diversified strategy is organic lead generation, which refers to lead gen efforts that you are not paying for directly (unlike digital ads or buying search keywords). As you might imagine, your institution’s website—or, as I like to call it, your “digital front door,” is a great platform to source organic leads.

Two ways to improve support services for adult learners with learning disabilities

When building out support services for adult learners, one population to prioritize is students with learning disabilities, such as ADHD. This blog will outline steps your university can take to best support this population.


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