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Demystifying Alternative Credentials: Opportunities and Threats at the Cutting Edge of Adult and Grad Growth

This roundtable series will help you understand the complicated alternative credential landscape and identify areas of opportunity for your institution.

Strengthening Your Talent Pipeline From Within: Four Career Mobility Strategies to Improve Both Retention and Recruitment

This roundtable event focuses on the financial, organizational, and strategic benefits of investing in internal career advancement. Attendees will learn how their competitors prioritize and develop internal talent, understand the key design features of career mobility strategies, and bring lessons back to their own institution.

Research and Services

Professional and Adult Education Web Presence Audit

EAB’s audit will help higher ed institutions identify opportunities to improve their professional, continuing, and online education websites and appeal to prospective adult students.


Coronavirus Outbreak’s Impacts on Canadian Employer Demand

Explore EAB’s analyses of Canadian regional market data in your portfolio planning conversations, as well as the recommended questions for discussion.

Recruiting Online International Students

This resource provides strategies for attracting online international students, marketing programs internationally, and finding locations for international student recruitment.

Executive Guide to Certificate Market Risks and Opportunities

This whitepaper details the market trends that make it difficult for certificate enrollments to take off and profiles six successful certificate programs designed specifically to reach underserved markets, advance regional partnerships, and to continually test evolving market demand.

Quick Reads

4 tactics to reach, recruit, and enroll “stealth shoppers”

Ten years ago, we interviewed dozens of partner institutions, who said 20% of their prospective graduate and adult students were stealth shoppers on average. This year, our partners estimated that more like 80% of their prospects are stealth, on average.

Are you losing grad and adult enrollments at the last minute? Try these 4 strategies.

Developing an effective yield strategy is just as important at the graduate level, if not more so. Many prospective adult students are not only considering different program options, but also weighing going back to school against other priorities such as work and family—meaning their enrollment decisions are constantly in flux.

Looking to Grow Your Health Care Administration Program? Here Are Four Tips

As more schools will likely develop and offer health care administration programs due to high student demand, zeroing in on the core components of a high-value degree will be essential.


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