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Achieving Smart Growth in Microcredential Programs

Professional Continuing and Online (PCO) leaders are inundated with hype touting microcredentials as the future of education and the way to maintain the relevance of higher ed in a shifting landscape. Amidst the pressure to stand up new microcredential offerings, leaders should prioritize financial sustainability to ensure that they meet their financial goals in this chaotic space, whether seeking to use microcredentials as a revenue stream or just looking to break even while achieving mission-driven goals. In this roundtable, we will examine the current microcredentials landscape, profile tactics to ensure that microcredential offerings are aligned to market demand before launch, and share approaches to ongoing assessment of microcredential performance.

Organizational Design and Strategy Benchmarks for Professional, Continuing, and Online Education Informational Session

Join Matt McAloon in an information session on the Organizational Design and Strategy Benchmarks for Professional, Continuing, and Adult education survey. In the November 16th and December 7th sessions he’ll cover highlights from the old survey, what’s new in relaunch of the survey, and helpful tips for completing the survey.

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Organizational and Strategic Benchmarks for Professional, Continuing, and Online Education Leaders

Contribute your PCO organization’s data to receive customized benchmarking and industry-spanning insights.


The Industry Futures Series: Exploring the Next Era of Professional Programming

Discover resources that will help colleges and universities understand the most impactful ways to adjust academic programming to keep pace with technological advancements in the Digital Revolution.

Credential Market Briefing and Innovation Workshop

Join our EAB-facilitated experience to educate your team on the certificates market and inform programming decisions.

Blueprint for Growth Virtual Presentation

Sign-up for a workshop to educate your team on the adult education market, including how to diversify revenues and bolster declining undergrad enrollment.

Quick Reads

How to use marketing to engage program-switchers

Marketing to students by program of interest sounds like a good idea, but with the knowledge that many students apply to programs outside their original program of interest, how can marketers know what messaging will be most effective? Here are three conclusions from our analysis.

To design microcredentials that meet student needs, follow these 3 steps

This blog outlines three steps you can follow to design microcredentials around the needs of your professional and adult learners.

Building awareness of your law program is more important than ever

To meet enrollment goals in this new market, law schools must focus more than ever on building awareness of the unique benefits they offer to students—on an individualized basis as much as possible.


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