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A First Look at EAB’s Non-Consumption Research

For nearly all of higher education’s modern history, college-going rates only increased. But over the past decade, the share of high school graduates who enroll in college began to fall.

Preparing for the Impacts of Gen Z

Something—or someone—is different on campus. Higher ed leaders are seeing shifts in student mindsets and behaviors. Students are skeptical of the value of higher ed; mental health challenges are at an all-time high; and others are acting more like activist stakeholders, asking tough questions and making uncompromising critiques of institutional decisions and strategy.

Research and Services

Navigating the Recovery: Building a Better Student Support Infrastructure for Tomorrow

This presentation will dig deeper into the data and share how institutions are using the opportunity to finally address student success challenges that have vexed us for years. Those that navigate the recovery well will find themselves stronger and better able to support students than they were before.


Revitalizing Academic Program Performance

Watch the on-demand webinar on our YouTube channel. About the Webconference The increasing importance of return-on-investment in students’ college choice has put academic programs front and center: will the institution’s programs put students on a strong career trajectory? Unfortunately academic programs are traditionally designed with a greater focus on faculty priorities than on enrollment. Leading […]

Maximizing the Graduation Impact of Summer Enrollment

Watch the on-demand webinar on our YouTube channel. About the Webconference As institutions seek to keep students on-track for four-year graduation, summer terms have gained attention as under-utilized opportunities to advance students. But because summer offerings often cater to faculty preferences instead of student course needs, they rarely support credit accumulation where it is most […]

Enrollment Management Snapshot

The EMOE benchmarking service provides Enrollment Managers the benchmarks and data points to systematically compare the performance of their internal operations to similar institutions and respondent averages.

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Near-Term Strategies to Combat Transfer Decline

While institutional planning is critical to long-term transfer recruitment success (e.g., developing new transfer pathways and community college partnerships), there are a number of in-house, quick-win strategies that can help you clean up your transfer student journey.

Transfer Portal Annual Calendar

Use the resources provided on this page to see activities that Transfer Portal partners are often focused on and when they typically occur, and then map your own processes.

Is Your School Doing Enough to Attract Transfers?

Learn why establishing articulation agreements with neighboring institutions is only the first step toward making your school a more attractive destination for transfer students.


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