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Strengthening the Talent Pipeline From Within: Career Mobility Strategies to Improve Both Retention and Recruitment

In this session, participants will learn about next-level strategies with proven ROI for strengthening the internal talent pipeline and fostering career development and advancement for staff. Sessions are best suited for Vice Presidents, Student Affairs, Vice Presidents, Enrollment Management, Chiefs of Staff, and Chief Business Officers.

Securing Competitive Advantage Amid Historic Staffing Shortages

This session will explore the evolving talent landscape in higher ed, future labor market threats that campus leaders must begin preparing for now, and the new table stakes for recruiting and retaining top talent in light of higher ed’s larger and more diverse competitive set. Sessions are best suited for Provosts, Vice Presidents, Student Affairs, Vice Presidents, Enrollment Management, Chiefs of Staff, and Chief Business Officers.

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3 strategies to move toward holistic campus safety

EAB held a roundtable, Beyond the Blue Light System: Three Imperatives for Holistic Campus Safety, which explored strategies for transitioning to a more holistic stakeholder-centric campus safety approach. Discover the three imperatives that leaders should follow for holistic campus safety.

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Q&A: Why Winning on Talent is Critical to the State of the Higher Ed Sector

Staffing shortages in critical student services, like the counseling center, lead to fewer student appointments, reduction in services for high-needs students, and result in higher attrition rates. EAB gathered industry experts for a panel discussion where they shared their thoughts on the state of the sector and the talent crisis. They agreed, winning with students requires winning with talent.

The Time is Right to Prioritize Administrative Efficiency

To help institutions quickly surface and size meaningful savings opportunities, EAB is launching the Financial Sustainability Collaborative for Administrative and Organizational Effectiveness. Our innovative collaborative model convenes a cohort of institutions to tackle the complex terrain of administrative efficiency and effectiveness together.

8 principles for successful budget model redesigns

EAB has identified eight principles most important to budget remodel success. We recommend that all institutions changing models abide by the principles outlined below–regardless of current model, desired new model, or current point in the change process.


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10 Tips to Improve Your Economic Development Website

Discover the 10 essential components commonly seen among the most mature institutional economic development websites.

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