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Course Planning Optimization (CPO) Intensive: Monitoring Fall 2023 Course Registration

In this session, participants will learn how to use the Course Planning Optimization (CPO) dashboard in the Academic Performance Solutions (APS) platform. Even if your institution has not yet opened Fall 2023 course registration, come and learn how to use the available data to inform your upcoming work. This session is best suited for academic leaders, such as Deans, Department Chairs, Registrars, and other individuals involved in course planning decisions.

CPO Intensive: Planning Fall 2023 Course and Section Offerings

In this session, participants will learn how to use the Course Planning and Course Analysis tabs in the CPO dashboard to make informed course and section planning decisions. This session is best suited for Provosts, Associate Provosts, Deans, Department Chairs, Academic Affairs, and other individuals involved in the course planning process.

Research and Services

Streamlining Middle Tennessee State University’s Faculty Line Request Process with Analytics

Join us for a webinar presented by Middle Tennessee State University’s (MTSU) Rebecca Cole, Associate Provost for Academic Administration and Resources, and Dr. Brian Hinote, Professor and Associate Vice Provost for Data Analytics & Student Success.


Developing and Supporting Analytics Initiatives

Business Intelligence (BI) and analytics initiatives have the potential to serve decision makers and leaders, but many institutions struggle to launch BI programs that are sustainable and affordable. This report provides benchmarks on BI to help the IT function allocate resources and set goals that will make BI a long-term success on campus.

Operationalizing Strategic Initiatives

CBOs must focus on reducing costs and ensuring that resources are allocated for innovative strategic initiatives. We profile 14 best practices for turning broad strategic goals into operational initiatives.

Quick Reads

Course Planning Optimization (CPO) Intensive: Monitoring Spring 2023 Registration On-Demand Materials

The Course Planning Optimization (CPO) module in the Academic Performance Solutions platform enables academic leaders, such as deans and department chairs, registrars, and other individuals to make data-informed course planning decisions to best support students. Review materials from the webinar to learn more about monitoring course registration.

The Time is Right to Prioritize Administrative Efficiency

To help institutions quickly surface and size meaningful savings opportunities, EAB is launching the Financial Sustainability Collaborative for Administrative and Organizational Effectiveness. Our innovative collaborative model convenes a cohort of institutions to tackle the complex terrain of administrative efficiency and effectiveness together.

3 common challenges with academic program assessment

EAB’s Financial Sustainability Collaborative has worked with over 100 schools to help them structure their academic program assessment process, and that experience has provided us with some observations about the common challenges confronting schools undertaking academic program assessment.


Managing Principal, Office of the President

500+ tactics for immediate and long-term savings

The Essential Guide to Cost Containment Strategies for Higher Education Resource Center compiles savings tactics for colleges and universities in six key areas.

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