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Three Questions Every Facilities Leader Must Ask (and Answer) to Achieve Ambitious Green Goals

Join us for a reprise of a session from our in-person roundtable where we’ll discuss the various approaches institutions around the world have deployed to pursue carbon net-zero status, analyze the costs and benefits of various next-gen efficiency efforts, and consider new stakeholders to engage in sustainability efforts across campus.

Bridge the Talent Gap: 4 Conversations to Recruit, Retain, and Re-skill Facilities Employees

In this series of working groups, EAB will convene Facilities leaders and HR directors to discuss the unique barriers and opportunities relevant to different segments of the Facilities workforce. Each session will include an EAB overview of industry trends and promising tactics, dedicated time to discuss and plan with colleagues, and opportunities for questions and comments. Sessions are best suited for Senior Facilities Officers, Senior Estates Officers, Human Resource Directors, Facilities/Human Resource Liaisons.

Research and Services

Making the Most of Your EAB Facilities Partnership

In the spirit of back to school, EAB hosted a (re)orientation to what’s in store for our facilities partners within their 2022-2023 EAB Research memberships.

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Responding to New Pressures on Campus Safety and Police: Balancing Stakeholder Demands, Student Well-Being, and Security Considerations

This webinar explores the numerous pressures influencing institutions’ approaches to campus safety and police – and reforms or changes to consider.

Manager’s Guide to Remote Onboarding for Higher Ed

This toolkit enables managers to create remote onboarding plans for higher ed that uniquely support remote new hires.

Sustainability Action Plans for Colleges and Universities

Due to pressures from faculty members, staff, students, donors, and the government, higher education administrators have placed a growing emphasis on campus sustainability efforts. Read this study to understand how other colleges and universities approach sustainability action plans and inform your own plan.

Quick Reads

Campus 2030: Envisioning Tomorrow’s Multi-Modal Campus

Explore our infographic to learn about the future of the multi-modal campus and how seven spaces will change over the next decade due to trends in student expectations, hybrid work, and more.

How to Create the Hybrid College Experience Both Students and Staff Prefer

Experts share tips on how to reconfigure your facilities and technology to create the multi-modal campus that both students and staff prefer.

How skilled trades can meet these 3 needs of millennials and Gen Z in the workplace

Since millennials and Gen Z now make up nearly half of the full-time workforce in the United States, employers must understand how to attract millennials and gen z in the workplace. EAB identified three things millennials and Gen Z are looking for in a career and how campus Facilities positions fulfill them.


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Evaluate Your Facilities Organizational Chart

Participate in EAB’s Facilities Organizational Chart Assessment and Evaluation to audit your unit's current structure and compare it with peer institutions.

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Facilities Forum

Providing senior facilities officers with the research, tools, and strategies needed to more effectively rationalize space use, improve utilization rates, shift towards preventative maintenance, and more.

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