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Transforming the IT Organization: An Exploration of University of Sheffield’s Product-Led Structure

IT units in the HE sector have long faced a “boom and bust” cycle of funding. IT projects receive a large influx of funding during implementation, but then face a funding shortfall during the maintenance phase. To address this, the University of Sheffield’s Director, IT implemented a new IT organizational structure in 2021.

Edify Data Strategy Series

The Edify Data Strategy Series consists of four interactive sessions focused on popular Edify Accelerators. Accelerators are workspaces with flexible multi-source analytics designed to answer a common set of higher ed business questions. Additional sessions will be scheduled, and their registration is not yet open.

Research and Services

Fostering the Next Generation of IT Talent

This report outlines seven tactics for IT departments to develop the most effective student employment programs as possible.

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Champions for a New Era: How CIOs Can Advance Post-Pandemic Institutional Ambitions

At this roundtable, EAB convened CIOs to discuss how institutions can best shape emerging institutional strategies even while dealing with an unprecedented IT talent crisis.

IT Labor Market Analysis for Higher Ed

This resource will help higher ed IT leaders gain a better understanding of the IT labor market so they can more effectively advertise jobs and make the argument for competitive recruitment strategies.

How to engage your campus in a security-first culture

Cyberattacks have increased both in frequency and ferocity, leading to compromised operations, leaked personal data, multi-million-dollar losses, and even school closures. Now more than ever, IT leaders and their teams need the support of boards, cabinets, and the overall campus community to improve their institutional security posture and protect their institutions from devastating attacks.

Quick Reads

EAB Launches New Education Data Platform Called “Edify”

Washington, DC, April 20, 2021 – Education technology company EAB today announced the launch of Edify, an education data platform designed specifically for higher education.

When higher ed leaders change their thinking about digital transformation, here’s what can happen

See three transformative changes that happen on campus when you start viewing digital transformation as an investment in growth.

3 reasons to put your Student Information System evaluation on hold

Here are three reasons to put your SIS evaluation on hold—and consider a different path forward in your digital transformation strategy.


Research Director
Director, Strategic Research

Here’s how to sunset technology

This executive brief compiles best practice research to help IT leaders leverage data and principled tactics to mitigate risks, eliminate legacy and redundant technologies, and recoup valuable IT costs and resources.

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IT Forum

Working at the intersection of IT, campus leadership, and higher education, we help you unlock the power of data from campus systems and guide institutional transformations.


The first Education Data Platform built for higher ed, Edify aggregates and integrates data from all your systems in a central and highly customizable platform, helping you build an adaptable data foundation for the future.

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