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Utah Tech Partner Profile: Accelerating Insight with Streamlined Reporting and Analytics

Join this session to learn about UT’s recent Edify projects, such as improving data hygiene, streamlining state reporting, and more. Dr. Nickodemus will also discuss upcoming Edify projects and his larger vision for the technology at UT. This session is best suited to Edify Program Sponsors, Program Owners, and Value Leads.

Navigating the Recovery: Building a Better Student Support Infrastructure for Tomorrow

This presentation will dig deeper into the data and share how institutions are using the opportunity to finally address student success challenges that have vexed us for years. Those that navigate the recovery well will find themselves stronger and better able to support students than they were before.

Research and Services

Champions for a New Era: How CIOs Can Advance Post-Pandemic Institutional Ambitions

At this roundtable, EAB convened CIOs to discuss how institutions can best shape emerging institutional strategies even while dealing with an unprecedented IT talent crisis.

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IT Labor Market Analysis for Higher Ed

This resource will help higher ed IT leaders gain a better understanding of the IT labor market so they can more effectively advertise jobs and make the argument for competitive recruitment strategies.

How to engage your campus in a security-first culture

Cyberattacks have increased both in frequency and ferocity, leading to compromised operations, leaked personal data, multi-million-dollar losses, and even school closures. Now more than ever, IT leaders and their teams need the support of boards, cabinets, and the overall campus community to improve their institutional security posture and protect their institutions from devastating attacks.

What IT leaders need to know about the state of the higher ed sector

At every turn, higher ed institutions must now compete to be the institution of choice for their students, their talent, their research funding, and more. Discover the takeaways about these challenges from our roundtable discussion with CIOs and IT leaders.

Quick Reads

3 insights to inform laptop program design and administration for IT leaders

In an age where laptops are arguably a student’s most important educational tool, institutions are witnessing firsthand how laptop programs address student access and equity issues. We analyzed laptop programs that pre-date COVID-19 and discerned three insights to inform how colleges and universities should design and administer laptop programs.

Bringing a digital strategy to life: expert advice from the University of Greenwich’s Director of Information and Library Services

It’s one thing to acknowledge the need for digital innovation and digital dexterity in response to student expectations and business continuity challenges—and another thing to bring those ideas to fruition. Digital strategies can be really helpful in this regard, aligning campus stakeholders around a shared vision for a digital university.

Is your data ready to support COVID-19 recovery?

Ask these three questions to evaluate your data readiness to respond to COVID-19, across key principles of accessibility, quality, and agility.


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Director, Strategic Research

Here’s how to sunset technology

This executive brief compiles best practice research to help IT leaders leverage data and principled tactics to mitigate risks, eliminate legacy and redundant technologies, and recoup valuable IT costs and resources.

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