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Financial Performance Collaborative

Thank you for participating in EAB’s Financial Performance Collaborative.
You now have the opportunity to register for up to three modules of the Financial Performance Collaborative, based on your institutional priorities and team capacity across the next three months. As a reminder, each module will require an Implementation Leader (IL). Sessions are best suited for Chief Business Officers and Provosts.


Please join us this fall for EAB IGNITED where we will bring together Presidents, Provosts, Chief Business Officers, and Heads of Strategy in closed-door, role specific groups followed by cross-cabinet working sessions with peers from other institutions. EAB will lead you and your peers through a series of case profiles and interactive workshops designed to activate learning around our latest organizational effectiveness research and the ramifications for the Higher Ed landscape.

Research and Services

How Colleges are Tackling the Growing Childcare Crisis

This EAB study provides strategies and tactics higher education leaders can implement to support faculty and staff caregivers.


Five greatest mistakes in higher education COVID-19 strategy

The decisions that colleges and universities make across the next few months will determine the extent of the financial shock and whether the institution is positioned not only to recover, but also to emerge stronger on the other side. Based on our conversations with over a thousand college and university leaders, we have identified the five greatest mistakes in current COVID-19 response that are jeopardizing crisis recovery and post-crisis strategy.

Five Threats of Silos for the University Executive Team

No matter a higher education institution’s objective, inevitably it’s silos that seem to get in the way of strategic thinking and planning. In the brief, you will find five silo threats outlined, as well as representative prompts and questions for executive team reflection and cabinet conversation.

Emergency Response Tabletop Exercise Resource Center

When a crisis strikes campus, college and university leaders must be able to mobilize staffing and resources in an efficient manner across departments to ensure an effective response. This resource will help your institution prepare for short-term emergencies that require significant mobilization of campus staff and resources.

Quick Reads

50+ Ways to Meet Higher Ed Employees’ Basic Needs

This infographic shares 50+ high-impact tactics to help colleges and universities meet higher ed employee needs around caregiving, housing, food, and transportation.

What could virtual reality mean for higher ed?

Learn four key lessons and ponder questions raised from the Presidential Experience Lab on what virtual reality might mean for higher ed.

Lehigh University’s data strategy: A roadmap to a university’s analytics transformation

This capstone project from the Rising Higher Ed Leaders Fellowship proposes a new data strategy for Lehigh University that will guide the university in identifying which data are most important to track.


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