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EAB Presidential Experience Lab with Dreamscape Learn

Join Arizona State University President Michael Crow, acclaimed film producer/CEO of Dreamscape Immersive Walter Parkes, and EAB Chief Partner Officer Sally Amoruso for a hands-on exploration of the next horizon in technology-enhanced education. Sessions are limited to Presidents or Chancellors. 

EAB Presidential Roundtable

Please join us this winter for the return of our signature in-person meeting series where we will bring together progressive, forward-thinking presidents and chancellors to discuss the top challenges facing higher education. Sessions are limited to Presidents or Chancellors of our higher education partner institutions.

Research and Services

EAB Virtual Strategy Forum for Presidents: On-Demand Materials

Access the materials from our Virtual Strategy Forum sessions, where presidents learned about dynamic strategic planning and discussed emerging approaches with their peers.


EAB Virtual Strategy Forum for Chiefs of Staff: On-Demand Materials

Get the resources from our Virtual Strategy Forums, where attendees learned about emerging approaches to dynamic strategy from EAB experts and peers.

Dynamic Strategy Resource Center

As competitive boundaries shift and student preferences evolve, the traditional model of higher ed strategic planning that results in a static, “sits on the shelf” document every five years is no longer sufficient. EAB’s resource center identifies eight strategic competencies that every leadership team must develop to overcome the pitfalls of periodic, stakeholder-driven planning cycles.

EAB’s Flexible Work Collaborative for Hybrid and Remote Employees

EAB has created the Flexible Work Collaborative for Hybrid and Remote Employees to help our partners understand the principles behind an effective flexible work policy, and develop a policy they can implement on their campus.

Quick Reads

Cross-departmental collaboration for innovation and impact

Persistent year-over-year declines in federal funding has forced a fundamental change in activity. In the current era of big bets, institutions have shifted to competing for outcomes-focused funding directed to large-scale collaborative research projects with a clear social benefit. Modern students are also seeking the type of societal impact that spans disciplines.

Building a department chairs’ academy–no longer a forgotten chair

An academic department chair is a significant member of the university’s leadership. They serve as the academic leader for the department and are tasked with advancing and supporting the department’s mission while providing strategic direction for the faculty, staff and students within the department. But how do faculty members, who are well trained in their disciplines, teaching, research, and service navigate their way to managing budgets, providing administrative oversight, scheduling classes, and managing conflict?

Academic program stewardship

As institutions look to create new programs and/or enhance existing programs -it is important to ensure that all efforts are aligned with the overarching mission and direction of the institution. Rankings and other discipline-specific reputational markers also influence the creation of new programs.


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