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EAB Virtual Strategy Forum – Chiefs of Staff

Join our first Virtual Strategy Forums by registering above to learn more from EAB experts and peers about emerging approaches to strategy—and prevent your next strategic plan from “sitting on the shelf.” This session is limited to Chiefs of Staff and Vice Presidents of Strategy.

EAB Virtual Strategy Forum – Presidents

Join our first Virtual Strategy Forums to learn more from EAB experts and peers about emerging approaches to strategy—and prevent your next strategic plan from “sitting on the shelf.” This session is limited to Presidents and Chancellors.

Research and Services

Growing Amidst the Great Opt-Out

EAB held a roundtable event to share insights from our latest research on the higher education industry as well as key opportunities for colleges and universities to redefine and articulate a value proposition that speaks directly to the needs of future campus stakeholders.


Institutional Strategy Index for Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Justice

EAB’s Institutional Strategy Index for DEIJ comprehensively and objectively evaluates the current state of your institution’s DEIJ efforts against best practice. Sign up to receive a personalized, prioritized roadmap of investments and actions designed to help close your institution’s most critical equity-related gaps.

How to compete in today’s higher ed enrollment, research, and talent landscapes

While bracing for disruption, it’s easy to overlook how much competition has fundamentally reshaped the higher education landscape. In particular, the emergence of three competitive market forces is already raising the stakes for institutions and altering what it means to “win” in key markets.

Cognitive biases that prevent real change on campus

Without general receptiveness to change, higher ed leaders are fighting an uphill battle to reap true transformation. Discover the most common cognitive biases that derail college leaders’ discussions, and decisions, and ultimately sabotage their strategy.

Quick Reads

Graduate financial aid practices that best serve students

This fellowship blog looks at best practices that graduate programs can take to better support students financially while remaining competitive.

Expanding higher ed leadership competency to increase employee satisfaction, decrease risks and reduce costs

This fellowship blog talks about ways to shift human resources advisory services to a more proactive model that better supports leaders and employees alike.

Developing tools to support campus DEIJ initiatives

This fellowship blog shares how Seton Hall University is approaching DEIJ efforts, particularly in helping students access and engage in campus opportunities.


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Higher Education Strategy Forum

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