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Please join us this fall for EAB IGNITED where we will bring together Presidents, Provosts, Chief Business Officers, and Heads of Strategy in closed-door, role specific groups followed by cross-cabinet working sessions with peers from other institutions. EAB will lead you and your peers through a series of case profiles and interactive workshops designed to activate learning around our latest organizational effectiveness research and the ramifications for the Higher Ed landscape.

Financial Performance Collaborative

EAB’s Financial Performance Collaborative will help you identify opportunities to recapture savings from areas that are typically overlooked in conversations about resource allocation. This is critical in financially tough environments but is no less important in periods of stability where these savings can help you safeguard future spending or fund emerging priorities. Sessions are best suited for Chief Business Officers and Provosts.

Research and Services

How Colleges are Tackling the Growing Childcare Crisis

This EAB study provides strategies and tactics higher education leaders can implement to support faculty and staff caregivers.


Higher Ed Employment Website Checklist

Employment websites serve as a gateway to the application and hiring process at your institution. And given heightened competition for talent, especially with out-of-sector organizations, it is more critical than ever to proactively articulate why applicants should choose your institution over other employers.

The Right Way to Engage with Your Institutional Heritage

This resource provides step-by-step guidance to assist colleges and universities in their efforts towards institutional reckoning and healing.

EAB IgnitED: On-Demand Materials

Access the on-demand materials from our EAB IgnitED sessions, which bring together provosts, chief business officers, and chiefs of strategy for closed-door discussions and cross-cabinet working groups.

Quick Reads

Developing best practices for equitable faculty hiring

Common approaches to DEIJ training, such as workshops and on-line trainings, can be frustrating for many staff and faculty because the question is “What’s next?” This blog outlines an action plan for faculty hiring to ensure that DEIJ concerns were addressed.

Building a purposeful DEIJ infrastructure at Mercy College

In the last three years, higher education institutions have had to reckon with intensified conversations on race and criminal justice on one hand, and increased disparities in academic performance within the context of a global pandemic on the other. At Mercy College, we have observed how student performance demanded greater attention to these challenges, particularly in how we deal with widening achievement gaps that were closing prior to the pandemic.

Improve campus DEI responses through practice discussions

Following the murder of George Floyd, Drake University leaders facilitated virtual meetings for faculty, staff and students called “[email protected]” Through these discussions, it became clear that faculty, staff, and students were interested in improving their ability to address racially charged campus incidents. This blog explores how to prepare to respond to these issues in real time.


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