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2024 Presidential Experience Lab

Join EAB in Silicon Valley on June 4-5, 2024 to explore how AI is reshaping the future of higher education. This two-day event will bring you inside leading AI-companies to see firsthand how generative AI can be used as a tool to revolutionize your campus.

Navigate Risk and Reward in the Master’s Market

Changes in higher education often feel shocking, but should they be? There are some top trends that were much more predictable than we’d realized if we’d taken a different approach to how we view shifts in the market.

Research and Services

How Deans Can Help Combat Burnout and Support Faculty Well-Being

Request our partner intensive for a deep dive on how to mitigate faculty burnout with an EAB research expert.


An Introduction to Employee Value Proposition

Request our partner intensive for a crash course on Employee Value Proposition with an EAB research expert.

Crafting an Employee Value Proposition Workshop

Request this partner intensive for best practices and facilitated discussion on how to apply the concept of Employee Value Proposition at your institution.

EAB’s Flexible Work Collaborative for Hybrid and Remote Employees

EAB has created the Flexible Work Collaborative for Hybrid and Remote Employees to help our partners understand the principles behind an effective flexible work policy, and develop a policy they can implement on their campus.

Quick Reads

Building a department chairs’ academy–no longer a forgotten chair

An academic department chair is a significant member of the university’s leadership. They serve as the academic leader for the department and are tasked with advancing and supporting the department’s mission while providing strategic direction for the faculty, staff and students within the department. But how do faculty members, who are well trained in their disciplines, teaching, research, and service navigate their way to managing budgets, providing administrative oversight, scheduling classes, and managing conflict?

Academic program stewardship

As institutions look to create new programs and/or enhance existing programs -it is important to ensure that all efforts are aligned with the overarching mission and direction of the institution. Rankings and other discipline-specific reputational markers also influence the creation of new programs.

4 Lessons from University Presidents on Crisis Thinking and Resilient Leadership

A crisis such as COVID-19 poses countless urgent decisions that are difficult for leaders to prioritize, often at the expense of long-term strategy. This fall, I sat down with more than two dozen college and university presidents for a roundtable discussion on avoiding the pitfalls of crisis thinking and building a culture of resilient leadership on campus.


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