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Growing Amidst the Great Opt Out: 2022 Higher Ed State of the Sector

We share insights from EAB’s latest research on the higher education industry as well as key opportunities for colleges and universities to redefine and articulate a value proposition that speaks directly to the needs of future campus stakeholders. These sessions are open to all cabinet-level and executive positions at regional higher ed universities.

Cracking the Code on Competition: How to Win in New Enrollment, Research, and Talent Landscapes

We share insights from EAB’s latest research on the higher education industry as well as key imperatives for large and selective institutions looking to take advantage of the new rules of winning. These sessions are open to all cabinet-level and executive positions at higher ed universities.

Research and Services

The DEIJ Resource Center

Discover a curated list of resources from EAB experts to guide your diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice initiatives on campus.


Remote Work and Hybrid Workplace Resource Center

See EAB’s top resources for addressing the challenges and alleviating the pain points common to remote work.

Hallmarks of an Antiracist Institution: The Behaviors and Actions that Promote Racial Justice in Education

The ongoing national conversation about the deadly impact of racism has created an urgency around the need for dramatic change at all levels of society.

Racial Flashpoint Post-Mortem Analysis Tool

As institutions begin to address legacies of racism on their campuses, many leaders have yet to acknowledge the connections between their history and present-day flashpoints. Often in the form of protests from the community, racial flashpoints are indicators of existing racial tensions and challenges on campus. In order to accurately identify and address the root causes of flashpoints, it is critical to investigate and connect their historical origins with current issues on campus.

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Adult learners and strategies for success

With a growing demand for education solutions for ‘adult learners’ and professionals looking to expand their education beyond the traditional PSE journey, our capstone project focused on identifying best practices and strategies for successful recruitment and retention of such adult learners.

Streamlining internal hiring processes and procedures through process improvement

No matter what industry we are talking about, from fast food to Fortune 500 companies, everyone is feeling the strain of the pandemic and the “Great Resignation”. Higher education has been vastly impacted by this surge of resignations and small applicant pools. It is more important than ever that we focus our attention to talent acquisition and onboarding to attract and retain top quality employees.

Improving employee engagement through continuous feedback

In 2018, Southern Oregon University updated its Strategic Plan to become an inclusive, sustainable university for the future that guides all learners to develop the knowledge, capacities, and audacity to innovate boldly and create lives of purpose.


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