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Navigate Risk and Reward in the Master’s Market

Changes in higher education often feel shocking, but should they be? There are some top trends that were much more predictable than we’d realized if we’d taken a different approach to how we view shifts in the market.

Engaging, Recruiting Back, and Supporting Stopout Students

How do we demonstrate to students we have failed in the past that our college is better equipped to help them fulfill their goals today?

Research and Services

How to Better Engage Faculty in Student Mental Health and Well-being Support

Our report shares five strategies to boost faculty engagement in student mental health support.


Smart Growth

Profiles smart growth strategies of top institutions that maximize their instructional capacity based on a thorough analysis of capacity, costs, and student demand at the level of academic programs and individual courses.

Redefining the Academic Library

Illustrates how progressive academic libraries are evolving in response to the rapidly changing information landscape and new user demands, providing case studies and best practices in managing library space, staff, and resources.

Engaging Faculty in Online Education

This study examines key lessons for structuring ownership and budget models to create a sound foundation for the institution’s online ambitions.

Quick Reads

How universities equip stakeholders to build a culture of campus well-being with in-the-moment resources

Learn how institutions are increasingly equipping faculty, staff, and students with resources that empower them to engage in building a campus-wide culture of care.

4 takeaways on combatting faculty burnout from our gathering of academic leaders

Read four takeaways from EAB’s conversations with academic leaders on combatting faculty burnout and integrating a culture of well-being.

How flashpoint response impacts faculty well-being

To support faculty well-being, academic affairs leaders should consider these reflection questions and checklist items before responding to flashpoints and climate-related incidents.


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5 mistakes in higher ed COVID-19 strategy

We’ve identified the five greatest mistakes in current COVID-19 response that are jeopardizing crisis recovery and post-crisis strategy.

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