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Preparing for the Impacts of Gen Z

Something—or someone—is different on campus. Higher ed leaders are seeing shifts in student mindsets and behaviors. Students are skeptical of the value of higher ed; mental health challenges are at an all-time high; and others are acting more like activist stakeholders, asking tough questions and making uncompromising critiques of institutional decisions and strategy.

Building a Sense of Belonging for Black and Latino Men: The 3 Relationships that Matter Most for College Success

Long-Overdue Look at Black and Latino Male Success The past two years’s national conversation about race has brought attention to a perennial challenge in higher education: Black and Latino men graduate from college at the lowest rates . As of spring 2020, Black and Latino men were less likely to graduate than their White and Asian male counterparts, and less likely than Black and Latina women.

Research and Services

BIT/CARE Team Assessment

Assessing your institution’s BIT/CARE Team to identify gaps and future opportunities


Mental Health Resource Center

Create a campus-wide culture of well-being and meet the escalating demand for mental health support using EAB best practice research and tools.

Student Mental Health in Fall 2021: What Institutional Leaders Need to Know

This on-demand webinar examines how institutions can support mental health as students return to campus this fall and explore what senior institutional leaders need to know about the future of campus mental health and well-being.

Virtual Student Services Website Audit

Colleges and universities had no choice but to quickly adopt virtual operations during the pandemic. Participate in EAB’s Student Services Virtual User Experience Audit to adapt the virtual experience for student services for the post-pandemic era.

Quick Reads

Campuses are getting smarter. But is your institution ready for a “smart campus”?

Smart spaces require more than gimmicks, and bringing together multiple tech spaces to create a truly smart campus is difficult. So, let’s start with the question of what is a smart campus?

4 tips to improve your college’s behavioral intervention team

Use these 4 tips to ensure your institution has a high-functioning behavioral intervention team that is equipped to support the campus community.

Modern Student Experience Diagnostic for Community Colleges

Community college student demographics are shifting, nontraditional is the new norm, mental health is in crisis, and learning flexibility is a growing demand.


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Access the mental health resource center

Explore resources, insights, and on-demand webinars to help you support student mental health and well-being on your campus.

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Student Affairs Forum

Equipping student affairs officers with the research, resources and strategies to navigate a range of challenges associated with campus climate, metal health, diversity, student performance, and more.

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