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Campus 2030: Innovations in Research Laboratory Design

Join EAB’s research expert Jon Barnhart as he discusses the most important design and governance innovations institutions can invest in labs now—and what he predicts will grow in importance over the years to come. This session is best suited for Chief Business Officers, Senior Facilities Officers, Chiefs of Staff, and Chief Research Officers.

Campus 2030: Investing in Student-Centric Spaces to Elevate the Campus Experience

In this session, EAB will unpack how universities are responding to these growing student expectations to improve the student experience on campus across three space types: food and dining halls, residential facilities, and health and wellness centers. This session is best suited for Chief Business Officers, Senior Facilities Officers, Chiefs of Staff, Vice President, Student Affairs, and other student-centric leaders.

Research and Services

Bring Barbershop Sessions to Campus

EAB analyzed sense of belonging data from the 2020 National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE) and found Black and Latino students, particularly men, struggle to find a sense of community compared to their white counterparts at R1 institutions. This resource helps institutions design a space specifically for Black and Latino men with the intent to improve belongingness for these student populations.


Increasing Retention Rates for Black and Latino Men

This study examines results of a survey conducted on Black and Latino male students at UT Knoxville and identifies ways to improve sense of belonging and student outcomes.

Building a Sense of Belonging for Black and Latino Men: On-Demand Materials

As a distinct minority on campuses that are predominantly white and female, Black and Latino men struggle to find a sense of belonging and a supportive community on campus. We identified three critical relationships to improve sense of belonging for Black and Latino men.

Student Mental Health & Well-Being Collaborative

EAB’s Mental Health Collaborative will bring 30 university partners together to advance student mental health support on their campus.

Quick Reads

The Title IX cheat sheet: What’s changed and what’s changing

To help clarify the evolving landscape, EAB has reviewed Title IX policies from the last three presidential administrations as well as legal scholarship to identify significant changes and hypothesize what comes next.

3 Realities Facing Liberal Arts Colleges in DEIJ Efforts

EAB hosted a virtual advisory session with chief diversity officers (CDOs) of selective liberal arts colleges to learn how these barriers impact their institutions. The leaders shared the challenges they run into in their work and how they are focusing their next steps to ensure systemic change on campus. The discussion revealed three realities of DEIJ efforts at liberal arts colleges.

Three ways to support campus well-being as a university leader

Mental health has consistently topped the list of university leader concerns through the pandemic. ACE surveyed university leaders on multiple occasions across the last year, and each time, mental health has garnered the number one spot – above long-term financial viability and enrolment numbers.


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Access the mental health resource center

Explore resources, insights, and on-demand webinars to help you support student mental health and well-being on your campus.

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