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CIOs face intense pressure to lead digital transformation on their campuses. EAB can help you support institutional strategy by scaling digital services, safeguarding institutional vulnerabilities, and prioritizing technology investments.

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Working at the intersection of IT, campus leadership, and higher education, we help you unlock the power of data from campus systems and guide institutional transformations.
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“EAB does the leg work for me when finding best practices that can be replicated at any campus regardless of size.” –Chief Information Officer, Pepperdine University

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The world of IT is shifting and there are more effects on higher education than you might think. In this new, cloud-based era, there’s less need for developers and more need for those with vendor relations skills. The harsh reality is that most higher ed organizations can’t afford to pay for these skills. Meanwhile, demand…

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We help you bridge the gap between IT performance and campus expectations, between requirements and reality.

IT directors have long lamented to the IT Forum the absence of a mechanism to compare notes with their peers at other institutions. While directors are intimately familiar with their own campuses’ issues, they lack confirmation that they have identified all potential threats or that perceived risks do in fact warrant urgent attention. This infographic…

What information can IT provide to help academic leaders improve instructional costs while advancing teaching, research, and service missions? In partnership with the Gates Foundation, EAB identified 10 analyses that isolate the key drivers of academic costs, pinpoint opportunities for savings, and allow department leaders to better meet future student demand. Provide these analyses to…

Data governance initiatives can easily lose momentum. Committees often struggle to find the right combination of attendees, with both over-inclusiveness and under-inclusiveness resulting in failed data governance efforts. The University of Notre Dame solved this problem by creating an opt-in committee structure and assigning four different decision rights to each committee member. Watch the video…

As part of this year’s National Meeting research, IT Forum analysts have compiled work from different EAB research forums to offer “views across the quad.” These conversations with different higher education leaders give IT staff insight to understand and prepare for upcoming challenges across the industry. Each EAB research forum is organized around the challenges…


About the Webconference In this webconference, the IT Forum presentd research conducted on behalf of the Teaching and Learning Functional Collaborative. This presentation explores strategies to better engage faculty in the instructional technology process, and in particular focuses on how to ensure that learning tools that are brought to campus meet faculty needs.

About the Webconference Over the last year, colleges and universities have been asking the IT Forum how they can assess if virtual or augmented reality (VR/AR) technology is a good fit for their campus. To address these questions, we’ve brought together four panelists from institutions that have adopted VR/AR technology. If VR/AR technology is on…

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