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Provosts, chief academic officers, and their teams are uniquely positioned to deliver transformative results on campus. We empower them with the strategies and insights they need to make informed decisions and accelerate change.

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Helping Provosts, Chief Academic Officers and their teams improve academic resource efficiency, program innovation, and faculty development through peer-tested strategies and insights.
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“Your Instructional Capacity Playbook helped us identify over $1 million in collapsible sections, course redesign opportunities, and credit hours lost to transfer.” – Provost, Large Pubic Research University

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4 program design mistakes to avoid

Errors in the design and launch of a new program can lead to profitless growth.
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The Planning and Budget Office at the University of Toronto regularly presents a combination of unit-level and institution-level financial data to chairs and deans in order to help them identify areas for growth and investment, increase financial literacy, and strengthen ties between academic and business units.

By developing an integrated student services model, known as student service one-stop shops, colleges and universities can provide resources in registration, financial aid, and billing. Use our resource to learn how to improve online and in-person services.

To make advising more proactive and individualized with limited resources, leading institutions in student success have adopted two principles from health care: population health management and coordinated care. Learn how advisors can use these principles to prioritize their time toward students with rising risk instead of only focusing on those with urgent, critical needs.


To create experiential major maps that help students identify experiential learning activities specific to their majors, implementation leaders need to collect information about applied learning opportunities and high-impact practices from academic units and other campus offices. In this webconference, learn from university experts how they worked together with colleagues to choose the best activities to include in each map.

About the Webconference Though universities and their departments share core missions of research, teaching, and service, their separate incentive structures have led over time to rising tension between university and department priorities. Learn how university leaders can increase strategic alignment in faculty hiring and tenure, teaching and curriculum, and interdisciplinary scholarship.