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Assign Your Implementation Leader Provosts or chief academic officers name an implementation leader to participate in the collaborative and spearhead the creation of experiential major maps Typical implementation leaders include directors of career services, associate or vice provosts for academic and student affairs, and other academic and career advising leaders Fill out the form

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About the Collaborative Many universities have developed four-year degree maps to help students plan their course schedules and chart a path to a degree. Unfortunately, those maps rarely guide students beyond picking courses. Innovative institutions have gone beyond the academic degree map with experiential major maps, comprehensive plans that align course requirements with co-curricular and […]

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About the Collaborative With the 2020 U.S. presidential election around the corner, institution leaders can expect increased student activism and campus unrest. If 2016 is any guide, college campuses will experience an influx of controversial speakers, third party-actors encouraging activism, and challenges to free speech. Is your campus ready for these challenges? The latest wave […]

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