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Faculty are experiencing pandemic-induced career setbacks, change fatigue, looming trauma from the past two years, depleted community connections, and financial stressors imposed by inflation. To support academic leaders in their efforts to tackle faculty burnout, EAB’s faculty well-being research team has curated a list of top resources and thought leaders on the topic of faculty burnout.

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Social media is one of the most important spaces where consumers expect to engage with brands, but it can be difficult to align content with current online trends. To increase your college’s brand awareness for today’s prospective adult students, PCO units should consider adopting these three social media tactics.

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While the pandemic has accelerated the urgency to enhance mental health support, it has also presented a unique opportunity to meet student needs through peer support programs. Here are how 3 institutions are adjusting their mental health support strategies to leverage peers to better meet escalating student demand for support and facilitate meaningful peer connections.

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