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Shared services units are designed to reduce inefficiencies and improve the service quality of transactional business activities. As is the case with organizational models, one size does not fit all when it comes to selecting a portfolio of activities to deliver via shared services. Some institutions have adopted an aggressive approach, consolidating all transactional administrative […]

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Administrative staff who remain in units and those who transition to the shared services center may feel equally anxious about stepping into the unknown. Uncertainty about changing roles and responsibilities can minimize buy-in and spark damaging rumors about what is waiting at the other side of implementation.

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Shared services developed a bad reputation in higher education in part because many early movers followed the private sector lift and shift model, “lifting” administrative personnel from units and “shifting” them to the new shared services organization all at once. In most cases, top-down mandates and mass migrations to shared services are neither desirable nor practical.

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