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With much variation in faculties’ core responsibilities, careful planning of faculty training programs and resources is imperative to promoting faculty utilization of student success technology. This session will discuss strategies for developing a phased training plan for faculty that is sensitive to their varied responsibilities—from administration to research to teaching to advising,

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We all know that students live on their mobile devices, but getting them to download and continuously engage with a student success application requires your institution to have a clear strategy. Whether you are preparing to launch your mobile app, expand its reach, or deepen student engagement, this session will build from our CONNECTED18 interactive workshop and help you to create a mobile strategy that supports your school’s student success priorities.

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This session elaborates on the Advancement Investment and Performance Initiative data that the Advancement Forum collects through its benchmarking initiative. We explore which staff members and expenditures to include and exclude in each of the advancement functions, how to correctly account for high-net-worth prospects, and which gifts to report in your workbook. We also discuss the new fundraiser productivity module and how to correctly record data for your fundraising team.

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While many schools have taken steps to improve the quality and consistency of follow-up to an indication of student risk (e.g., alert, progress report), most continue to face challenges in scaling impactful interventions. Watch our webconference to deepen you understanding of the five steps in the early alert process and learn successful practices that have proven to be impactful for other colleges and universities.

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Who owns student success at your institution? Over the last five years, many schools have moved away from the old “owned by everyone” model in favor of one that assigns ownership to a specific leader tasked with overseeing key student services. This session explores the emerging role of the “Chief Student Success Officer” and how best to organize your own enterprise.

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About the Webconference Presenters: Jo Connelly and Delvin Dinkins In the third installment of the series, administrators at The Pingry School will join EAB to provide an in-depth look at their priority-focused interview schedule. We will discuss how this approach helps The Pingry School effectively assess candidates on the areas they have deemed most important […]

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