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While these are certainly trying times, various circumstances can necessitate virtual services from today’s colleges and universities. Watch the on-demand webconference where EAB’s Christina Hubbard, Senior Director of Strategic Research, will share a few recommendations that can help you, your students, and your staff to feel more connected even when they can’t interact in person.

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To create experiential major maps that help students identify experiential learning activities specific to their majors, implementation leaders need to collect information about applied learning opportunities and high-impact practices from academic units and other campus offices. In this webconference, learn from university experts how they worked together with colleagues to choose the best activities to include in each map.

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In an era of astronomical campaign goals and tight advancement budgets, advancement leaders must find new ways to advocate for additional resources. EAB’s benchmarking service, the Advancement Investment and Performance Initiative, gives advancement leaders the data they need to make a compelling case for investment to senior institutional leaders. This webconference shares trends that emerged from data submitted by 170 institutions.

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Along your students’ college journey are many Pivotal Moments, inflection points that can mean the difference between success and failure. This session, originally presented at CONNECTED19, will help you understand the challenges related to Pivotal Moments across the student lifecycle and explore intervention strategies to help more students succeed.

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