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Across Europe, higher education leaders are bracing for change. Rapid marketisation, uncertainty about future student populations, and ambitious visions for the future require leaders to think differently about their institutions. In response to this ever-expanding remit, the need for tried-and-true solutions has never been greater. The Directors Forum is designed to help university leaders respond to these challenges, providing access to EAB’s higher education experts and library of globally-sourced best practice solutions, all of which help to move strategic initiatives forward.

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The Education Data Hub is a data management platform that centrally organizes siloed data sources from the growing ecosystem of technologies on campus into a single-system and vendor agnostic data model. Institutions are leveraging the Education Data Hub to scale integration efforts and reduce IT operational burden, while also enabling data-informed decision making with readymade access to a single, aggregated source of campus-wide data.

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In this enrollment environment, leaders need real-time visibility into competitive market dynamics and shifting student trends. Fueled by the industry’s largest data asset — built from 1.5+ billion student interactions — our Enrollment Services offering combines smart recruitment marketing and prescriptive analytics with strategic support to help colleges fulfill their enrollment mission.

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We harness the collective power of 1,500 schools, colleges, and universities to uncover proven solutions and transformative insights. And since complex problems require multifaceted solutions, we work with each institution differently to apply these insights through a customized blend of research, technology, and services.

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At EAB, we believe that we can change the world—in partnership with our members and clients, we are improving education and thereby strengthening communities across the nation and around the globe. And while our company’s impact on education has grown over the decades, our inherent values haven’t changed.

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Learn more about how EAB can help support your students, enrollment initiatives, operations and strategy, and advancement goals.

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Universities in the UK are facing the fastest-changing environment in higher education history, with rapid marketisation, a changing policy landscape, and uncertainty surrounding Brexit. University leaders must consider strategies to protect enrolments, and to provide students with both a high ROI and a world-class student experience, while simultaneously cutting costs and increasing efficiency and effectiveness. By combining best practice research with functional diagnostics, the Registrar Forum is designed to help Registrars, COOs, and CBOs respond to financial pressures, while elevating the student experience.

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By combining all of our research and terrain expertise into one, unified partnership, we can help drive progress on your institutional priorities across silos. EAB can help you boost enrollment and net tuition revenue, elevate student success and career outcomes, and reduce inefficiencies and costs on campus through dedicated advice within the following focus areas:

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