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Under the burden of ever-increasing fees and armed with a variety of consumer data, students in the UK and Ireland are coming to campus with greater expectations of their institutions. National conversations about student mental health and career preparedness have amplified the need for sustained focus on the student experience as it unfolds inside and outside of the classroom. Institutions must identify which investments and interventions will lead to the greatest impact for their unique populations, whether pursuing learning innovations, designing new learning and residential spaces, or offering distinctive career pathways.

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Academic Performance Solutions (APS) is a decision-support platform that allows academic leaders to easily access data to monitor key performance indicators around course offerings, faculty workload, course completion rates, and department-level costs. Learn more about how community and technical colleges are leveraging the resources and consultative services included with APS to incorporate data into academic and operational decision-making processes to increase resource efficiency and improve student progress.

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Students see a prioritized list of to-dos and can drill in for more context about the important steps they need to take. Students can also solve problems on their own through the term-to-term tools, inform their customized support journey by answering periodic surveys, and easily connect with key campus services, such as advising, financial aid, career services, health services, and tutoring.

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