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Summary This project explores the use of the reading and writing workshop model to teach English Language Arts at the secondary level. It includes details on implementation, supporting the model through resources and professional development, and assessing the model. Key observations from our research Reading and writing workshops refer to a model of literacy instruction […]

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Summary This research brief explores summer programs aimed at boosting kindergarten and sixth grade readiness at profiled districts. The brief addresses funding, staffing and support, and promotion for summer programs in general. The brief also describes considerations for design, instruction, and assessment for kindergarten and sixth grade readiness programs specifically. Key observations from our research […]

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Summary This report profiles middle schools where administrators redesigned the schedule to increase instructional time and minimize transition time. The report describes how administrators balance students’ participation in electives with time for IEP-mandated support or academic remediation. Further, the report describes how to implement redesigned schedules, engage stakeholders, assess the new schedules, and offer professional […]

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Summary This report describes how school districts implement and assess professional learning communities (PLCs). The report first explores the benefits of and motivations behind implement PLCs. Then, the report provides strategies to ensure successful PLC implementation, with a focus on implementation timelines, teacher professional development, and assessment. Lastly, the report highlights common implementation challenges and […]

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Summary This research explores how to operate mentorship programs for new teachers. The report focuses on how to structure the mentorship program, how to select and train mentors, and how to manage mentors. The report also discusses the benefits of mentorship for new teachers, and highlights considerations for making these programs as effective as possible. […]

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Summary This research brief explores how to support English language learners (ELLs) in low-incidence districts. At a low-incidence district, ELLs make up 5.0 percent or less than the total student body. The brief explores different English language (EL) models and provides guidance on creating an inclusive school environment for ELLs and their families. Administrators should […]

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Summary This research considers instructional practices, implementation, community outreach, and outcomes related to project based learning. The research also explores how some profiled high schools use project based learning as an alternative form of assessment. Key observations from our research Profiled districts implement one of three different models of project-based learning (PBL): blended PBL teaching […]

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Summary This research brief explores how to prepare teachers for effective block schedule implementation. This brief provides guidance on ensuring teacher support for the schedule model. Administrators should train teachers how to maximize additional instructional time and ensure high student engagement in a block course. To maintain ongoing success of the schedule model, establish continued […]

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Summary This report describes how districts operate interdistrict desegregation programs to combat regional segregation. The report first provides an overview of interdistrict desegregation program types, outcomes, and common challenges. The report then suggests solutions to major problems facing interdistrict desegregation programs, including the legality of selection criteria, decreasing community engagement, the lack of sustainable funding, […]

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Summary This report explores how to use instructional coach support to improve teacher and student outcomes. It profiles school-wide as well as individualized support practices that coaches can implement to enhance teacher instruction.This report also discusses tactics to hire, evaluate, fund, and train coaches and maximize their impact. Key observations from our research Use instructional […]

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