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To move above transactional tasks and think strategically, cabinet members need to get above their day-to-day and develop new strategic thinking skills. Use multiple potential futures to think outside the norm and develop a strategic mindset by determining how their institution would remain solvent in various disruptive environments.

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To make a visionary idea a reality, community college leaders must translate strategy from something that is lofty or vague to something that is more operational and implementation-focused. Use this toolkit to translate strategic priorities into S.M.A.R.T. goals and make strategy impactful to staff at all levels, boosting staff engagement in institutional strategy.

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Access to data alone will not immediately transform a campus to become more data-informed. This culture shift is often fraught with fear because changes in processes, platforms, and people are never easy. The diagnostic helps leaders assess their institution’s readiness to tackle these challenges and determine next steps/actions to strengthen their institution.

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