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As CTOs pursue change initiatives in their districts, poor stakeholder communication can easily derail good faith efforts to implement, update, or decommission technology. This toolkit will help district technology leaders identify stakeholders and develop targeted engagement strategies and messaging to drive successful change management.

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Leaders at K-12 school districts—who already battle public scrutiny and decision fatigue—are forced to rethink their operating models amid the pandemic and can’t afford to make uninformed choices. Access our checklists with key leadership decisions and evidence-based recommendations for virtual, in-person, and hybrid school districts.

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The pricing landscape today is challenging. College and universities face acute financial pressures, and families are struggling to afford college. This resource provides in-depth analyses of alternative pricing strategies, as well as a disciplined decision guide to help college and university leaders determine whether to pursue a given strategy.

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Your K-12 district’s COVID-19 website serves as a central repository for all information related to how the pandemic currently impacts students, families, teachers, staff, and other community stakeholders. This audit helps districts optimize their COVID-19 websites to ensure everyone can easily find available resources, up-to-date communications, and current operating status.

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