Event Type: Roundtable

School leaders are ready to lead their teams forward with bold ideas—but many find their teams exhausted by the pandemic recovery, addressing the needs of demanding parents, and navigating frequent flashpoints and divisiveness in many school communities. At the same time, leaders are experiencing compassion fatigue. They are burned out from dealing with other people’s burnout.

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Professional Continuing and Online (PCO) leaders are inundated with hype touting microcredentials as the future of education and the way to maintain the relevance of higher ed in a shifting landscape. Amidst the pressure to stand up new microcredential offerings, leaders should prioritize financial sustainability to ensure that they meet their financial goals in this chaotic space, whether seeking to use microcredentials as a revenue stream or just looking to break even while achieving mission-driven goals. In this roundtable, we will examine the current microcredentials landscape, profile tactics to ensure that microcredential offerings are aligned to market demand before launch, and share approaches to ongoing assessment of microcredential performance.

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