Event Type: National Meeting

Join us at a 2020-2021 National Meeting The challenges we experienced in the last decade of meeting donor expectations and the institutional need for sustained additional funding unfortunately haven’t disappeared. As the 2020s begin, advancement leaders must look internally to refocus their efforts around mid-level giving and leverage data insights to help increase productivity. Join […]

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Join us at an Advancement Leaders Roundtable The pace of change in advancement continues to accelerate as we turn to the 2020s. Donor expectations are rising, technology is growing more complex as well as more essential, and dollar goals continue climbing higher than ever before perhaps past the point of sustainability. Join us for a […]

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Join us at a 2020 National Meeting Colleges and universities are facing unprecedented financial pressures while higher education itself is confronting substantial change—demographic shifts, declining middle class finances, and increased competition. These changes have started to erode the fiscal health of institutions across the industry. The Business Affairs Forum helps finance and administrative executives answer […]

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Join us at a 2019 National Meeting Provosts and academic affairs leaders are increasingly considering how their traditional institutional structures and strategies hold them back from advancing critical priorities. Departmental and disciplinary siloes restrict innovation and cross-disciplinary work. Complex curricula and out-of-date policies prevent first-generation, low-income, and other underrepresented students from successfully navigating to a […]

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Join us at a 2019 National Meeting Two major research threads will dominate the presentations and discussions at this roundtable series. The first concerns the “finance office of the future”—namely, the people, skills, and organizational models necessary to develop a higher-skill and more professionalized, service-oriented Finance unit. Attention will also be given to fine-tuning the […]

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