2020 Business Affairs Forum National Meeting

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2020 Business Affairs Forum National Meeting

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Join us at a 2020 National Meeting

Colleges and universities are facing unprecedented financial pressures while higher education itself is confronting substantial change—demographic shifts, declining middle class finances, and increased competition. These changes have started to erode the fiscal health of institutions across the industry. The Business Affairs Forum helps finance and administrative executives answer this unprecedented financial pressure and achieve their most critical goals—principled growth, sustainable costs savings, and continual improvement of core business operations.

Join a group of your peers at the Business Affairs Forum’s 2020 Executive Roundtables and CBO’s Cabinet Summits for a presentation of new EAB research and lively facilitated discussion around the application of best practices and case profiles on your campus.


"I value the timely explanations of positive experiences from other institutions—I know it will give my team the confidence to move forward and make progress."

Chief Business Officer