Communicating and Securing Facilities’ Value Amidst Growing Financial Pressure

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Virtual Working Group for SFOs

Communicating and Securing Facilities’ Value Amidst Growing Financial Pressure

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Although historically undervalued and underfunded, the Facilities division in higher education has played a critical role in responding to the COVID-19 pandemic. This ranged from early efforts to close out campus and update cleaning protocols to preparing spaces for the fall. However, the financial impact of the pandemic and the reduction in traditional revenue streams like tuition and fees means all universities must revisit budgets—and make tough decisions about further cuts.

Facilities is often in the crosshairs when budget cuts arise. And early reports of institutions laying off custodial staff or other Facilities employees have started to emerge—even as service level expectations from community members increase. As a result, Facilities executives must start planning how they’ll communicate the importance of their work, identify opportunities to strategically cut budgets, and share potential savings opportunities.  


Join EAB for a virtual working session with peer executives to explore questions around:

  • How can we protect current staffing levels in custodial, maintenance, utilities, and other divisions during a time when they are more needed on campus than ever?
  • How should we think about processing high-stakes, high-volume inquiries from campus community members related to operating campus during the COVID-19 pandemic?
  • What can we do to better communicate critical Facilities information to internal campus stakeholders to help with pandemic decision-making?

Ann Forman Lippens will be facilitating a conversation about the specific budget pressures facing Facilities executives. She’ll also invite participants to share strategies and early wins. Ultimately, these sessions will inform future research efforts conducted by Facilities Forum staff.

Use the drop down in the banner above to register for one of our sessions. Sessions are best suited for:

  • Senior Facilities Officer
  • Associate Vice Presidents/Vice Chancellors/Directors/or Heads of: Facilities, Campus Planning, Design, Campus Operations, Maintenance, Physical Plant, Architecture, Capital Projects
  • CBO/CFO where appropriate

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