3 Ways to get the most out of eab.com

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3 Ways to get the most out of eab.com

Step-by-step guide for creating an account, customizing your experience, and accessing content on our website

During this time when connection is so important and access to information has never been more critical, we want to ensure site users can get the most out of their eab.com experience. Keep reading for a step-by-step guide to get started, as well as additional information about what’s on the horizon.

1. Log-in or create an account

Please note: you do not need to be an EAB partner to create a login, and anyone at your institution can create a login

If you already have an account on eab.com, please skip this step

To get started, navigate to the top right-hand corner of the homepage to log in to the site, or create an account if you’re new to eab.com. Creating an account is simple – input your email and select the country, city and state where your institution is located. It’s important to use your institutional email address when requesting a log-in to the site – Gmail, Yahoo and personal email domains will not work. Then select your organization from the drop-down menu and click “go to step 2.”

Next, enter your name and contact information, and select “Register Now”. You should immediately receive an email to your institutional email address with a link to create a password and confirm your account. If your institution is an EAB partner, you will automatically be granted access to the appropriate content upon completing account registration. 

2. Customize your My EAB Dashboard

Once you’ve logged into the site, you’ll be directed to your My EAB dashboard. This customizable page is designed to share content most relevant to you and your interest areas and aggregate recently viewed and favorited content. Partners can also contact their Strategic Leader, view custom picks, access event information, and more from their My EAB Dashboard.

To get the most out of your dashboard, navigate to the “Customize Menu” link in the right-hand corner of the menu bar, select up to four topics of interest, and “save”. The selected topic pages, which aggregate the latest and most popular content about a given topic, will now be saved to your menu bar for easy access. All other topic pages can be accessed through the “All topics” link in the righthand corner of the menu bar. Your customized selections will drive the logic behind the “Latest from your favorite topics” section to ensure that relevant content catered to your interest areas is populating on your MyEAB dashboard.

3. Start accessing content

If you’re attempting to locate a specific resource on eab.com or are looking for materials on a certain topic, we can help. Start by navigating to one of our topic pages, which are visible when you’re logged into the site, or by typing the resource name or topic of interest into the search bar. Once you’ve landed on the search results page, you’ll have the ability to drill down into various topic areas, content types, and more.

Please note: if you come across a piece of content outside of your partnerships, you will have the ability to access it with a token

If you come across a piece of content that you like or wish to come back to, save it, which will ensure it’s bookmarked to your My EAB dashboard. If you come across a piece of content outside of your partnerships, you will encounter our “Free Trial Access” feature, which will allow you to access and engage with the content by spending a token. Each year, your institution will be granted 25 tokens to spend on content outside of your partnerships, and each individual user will be able to spend up to 5 of those tokens.

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