EAB Becomes Platinum Member of Slate Preferred Partner Program

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EAB Becomes Platinum Member of Slate Preferred Partner Program

Partnership strengthens EAB’s ability to help colleges assess and report on enrollment performance

Washington, DC, Aug. 06, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Education company EAB announced today that the firm has become a platinum member of the Slate Preferred Partner Program, a network of six organizations that collaborate with Slate software provider, Technolutions. The collaboration will enable EAB partner schools to leverage their data in the Slate customer relationship management (CRM) platform—including interactions with prospective students—in more powerful ways. For example, EAB can now integrate that information directly into reports and dashboards to help schools identify the marketing activities most likely to improve key admissions metrics.

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“Becoming a Slate Platinum Preferred Partner strengthens EAB’s ability to help schools track, analyze, and report on their admissions data—and make quick shifts in strategy to meet enrollment targets,” said EAB President of Enrollment Services Chris Marett. “University leaders need more help than ever in this area as they face growing enrollment challenges exacerbated by health and financial impacts from the pandemic.”

EAB also plans to work with Technolutions to guide our partner schools on best practices for using and getting the most out of their world-class Slate platform. 

Slate Preferred Partners are selected by a comprehensive application process. Each partner must meet key requirements and add unique value to the Slate user community. In return, Slate Preferred Partners gain a deeper understanding of product functionality and have access to resources and insights that help them tailor the application for a variety of custom uses.

“EAB is a recognized leader in the enrollment marketing space,” said Technolutions CEO Alexander Clark. “Technolutions is delighted to welcome EAB to our Slate community as a Platinum Preferred Partner, and we are excited for the expanded value EAB can now offer to the 1,200 colleges and universities using Slate.”

“Colleges are being challenged like never before to engage prospective students and their families with information carefully tailored to each unique circumstance,” Marett added. “Our close relationship with Technolutions enables EAB to partner more effectively with schools that rely on Slate software to facilitate and track all of their communication with the students they hope to enroll.”

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At EAB, our mission is to make education smarter and our communities stronger. We harness the collective power of more than 1,700 schools, colleges, and universities to uncover and apply proven practices and transformative insights. And since complex problems require multifaceted solutions, we work with each school differently to apply these insights through a customized blend of research, technology, and services. From kindergarten to college and beyond, EAB partners with education leaders, practitioners, and staffs to accelerate progress and drive results across three key areas: enrollment management, student success, and institutional operations and strategy. 

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