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Teacher Recruitment and On-boarding

Ad hoc processes and limited proactive recruitment mean that too many schools miss out on great teachers. Our research and resources can help schools attract new talent, establish an evidence-based interview process, and effectively on-board.

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Research & Insights

Faculty are the heart and soul of any school. Tasked with carrying out a school’s mission in the classroom and beyond, faculty have a tremendous impact on the school and its community. But ad hoc processes and limited proactive recruitment mean that schools are potentially missing out on great teachers. Related Register for the webconference…

Supporting Teachers Through Demographic Changes

Discover strategies for supporting teachers during periods of demographic change in your district.
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Summary School districts across the United States face shortages of teachers. Many districts experience difficulty filling open positions. At the same time, the number of students pursuing education as a career and graduating with teaching degrees continues to fall. To counter these teacher workforce challenges, school leaders have developed intensive partnerships with institutions of higher…

Summary This brief considers trends in teacher turnover in Title I schools and identifies strategies used to improve teacher retention in five profiled schools. The report describes how engaged school principals, a collaborative culture, and extensive coaching and mentorship increase teacher retention in Title I schools. Key observations from our research 1. Engaged principals, opportunities…

Recently, 94% of our District Leadership Forum members told us that they are concerned about teacher recruitment, due to massive teacher shortages across the country. To address these concerns, we spoke with more than 30 districts and conducted secondary research to discover ways to improve the four aspects of teacher hiring: recruitment, the application process,…

Summary Even as diversity increases among the student population, many school districts struggle to hire diverse teachers. This research brief analyzes strategies used by five public school districts to increase the diversity of their teaching forces. First, this brief explores how profiled districts create and implement diversity plans, and modify their recruiting and hiring processes…


About the Webconference The inaugural session of the series will provide an overview of EAB’s research process and introduce our Hiring Top Talent study. The session will focus on laying the foundation for effective hiring, including maximizing relevant technology, and on determining assessment criteria at the outset of the hiring process. Presenters: Caitlin Blair and…

About the Webconference The second installment of the series will discuss how to create an evidenced-based hiring process. This session will share tactics for designing methods to measure and assess candidates on key criteria throughout the hiring process. It will also cover best practices on how to build assessment rubrics to capture meaningful, consistent feedback…