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Join us at a 2020-2021 National Meeting The challenges we experienced in the last decade of meeting donor expectations and the institutional need for sustained additional funding unfortunately haven’t disappeared. As the 2020s begin, advancement leaders must look internally to refocus their efforts around mid-level giving and leverage data insights to help increase productivity. Join […]

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Dates and Locations We offer two types of sessions for advancement leaders: Executive Roundtables and Team Summits. Each session will draw from the same research, with case studies and discussion adapted to the unique needs of each audience. Please review the meeting types below to determine which kind of session is best suited to your title and needs. […]

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This session elaborates on the Advancement Investment and Performance Initiative data that the Advancement Forum collects through its benchmarking initiative. We explore which staff members and expenditures to include and exclude in each of the advancement functions, how to correctly account for high-net-worth prospects, and which gifts to report in your workbook. We also discuss the new fundraiser productivity module and how to correctly record data for your fundraising team.

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About the Webconference Presenter: Dr. Fleming Puckett Major gift officers are increasingly asked to help with non-fundraising activities that aren’t related to the job they were hired to do. This webconference explores best-practices for realigning time investments to combat non-fundraising activity creep and shift the focus back to frontline fundraising. Other Events In Series Part […]

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About the Webconference Presenter: Dr. Fleming Puckett Managers are responsible for helping gift officers reach their metric goals, yet sometimes they don’t see the red flags in their workflow that prevent gift officers from doing their jobs efficiently. This webconference identifies best-practices for leveraging data analysis to identify work-flow pain points and enable managers to […]

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About the Webconference Presenter: Dr. Fleming Puckett Continuously reinventing the wheel on strategy for each donor can lead to uninteresting cultivation steps that require customized one-time-use collateral. This webconference will present best-practice strategies on developing a donor strategy at scale in order to meet donor demands without excessive customization. Other Events In Series Part 2: […]

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About the Webconference Presenter: John Tannous To meet campaign goals, institutions have historically pursued restricted dollars, but increasingly institutions desperately need budget relieving support. In this webconference, explore how advancement can help establish a sustainable operation while advancing the institution’s core mission, such as student success. Other Events In Series Part 1: Rightsizing Investments in […]

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