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Facilities is often in the crosshairs when budget cuts arise. And early reports of institutions laying off custodial staff or other Facilities employees have started to emerge—even as service level expectations from community members increase. As a result, Facilities executives must start planning how they’ll communicate the importance of their work, identify opportunities to strategically cut budgets, and share potential savings opportunities.

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At many institutions, living on campus is a crucial dimension of the student experience, as well as a key source of auxiliary revenue. But current public health evidence indicates that communal living could strongly facilitate virus transmission, and many campuses lack the ability to give each student the safest option of a private room and bathroom. Ultimately, all universities are facing the same question: what is the housing solution that provides students with an on-campus experience that’s as fulfilling as possible, while also protecting the community from outbreaks?

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As critical as it is to prioritize an isolation and quarantine strategy as part of your repopulation strategy, it is just as important to determine what approach works best for the needs of your campus community. Inherent in every decision is a balance between cost and risk to public health. EAB has spent the past few months speaking to higher education leaders about their IQ strategies and have catalogued the spectrum of approaches into the following tiers.

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The decision to pull-back from repopulation will be one of the most complicated any leadership team will make. Not only are the public health and financial consequences immense, but there are dozens of variables that could inform this decision. Some of these may contradict one another, and others—like faculty and student opinion—are not easily quantified.

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Quickly setting up research labs is critical for enabling faculty research productivity and career advancement. Yet most institutions struggle to complete lab renovations in a timely manner. This toolkit will help you proactively plan for faculty lab needs so you can expedite the setup process.

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