Adult Prospective Student Journey: Conclusion


Adult Prospective Student Journey Resources

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Thank you for completing the student journey. We recognize that there was a lot of information shared in this story so below we have compiled the resources we suggest throughout the journey and provide references for the information within.

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Resources Provided in the Student Journey

Students’ demand for mental health services has significantly grown

Discover research, tools, and resources to develop effective strategies to address the demand on campus in our Mental Health Resource Center.

Learn how you can help support student FAFSA submissions

Research suggests that better instruction, support, and encouragement can help students, and their families, submit the FAFSA. Dive into our FAFSA resource center to learn more.

Focus on student health and well-being with remote and hybrid learning

Discover four strategies to foster connections among the student body in a physically distant environment.

Explore research, tools, and resources for mental health strategies

Dive into the EAB resource center to discover how you can meet students' needs and demands for mental health services and support their well-being.

Support staff and student mental health during the pandemic

Discover four steps to make sure you are fully supporting your team through assessing needs and core questions.

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