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Enrollment Scenario Explorer

What demographic decline & competition mean for your institution


Schedule a cross-cabinet facilitated discussion to learn how demographic decline will affect your institution and how your institution can adjust to these coming challenges.

Higher education leaders are by now all-too-familiar with higher education’s challenging outlook: the number of college-going students is projected to decrease over the next decade due to a sharp drop in fertility following the Great Recession. Projections developed by Dr. Nathan Grawe, and by WICHE show how these trends will play out nationally, and regionally.

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However, while it is easy to see how these projections will play out at a high-level, discerning how these trends will impact your institution can be challenging. That’s where the Enrollment Scenario Explorer can help. Our model projects how the demographic decline will affect your institution and shows how different strategies could help you adjust for the coming decade.

A Facilitated Discussion: Exploring Your Institution's Enrollment Future

Our experts will conduct a facilitated discussion to guide your institution’s leaders through the latest demographic trends, how shifting market share and competition can affect your institution's enrollment outcomes, and projections and scenarios customized for your institution.

Latest Demographic Trends

Shifting Market Share

Institution-Specific Enrollment Projections

Based on these findings, we will then facilitate a cross-cabinet discussion to evaluate your institution’s preparedness for the demographic decline, and help your institution develop a long-term enrollment strategy designed for a challenging decade ahead.

Tools for your Evolving Strategy

Enrollment Scenario Explorer’s customized projections allow institutional leaders to fine-tune their strategies and understand how different approaches might impact institutional enrollments and revenues over the next decade.

Adjust Market Share By Region

Stimulate future enrollment forecasts based on changes to your institution’s market share.

Data-driven Strategy Guardrails

Watch for automated warnings that signal when a selected growth scenario is unrealistic based on data and trends.

Forecasts Based on Your Institution’s Data

Review your institution’s past enrollments of first-time undergraduates from 2008-2018 to identify ongoing trends.

Visualize Future Scenarios

Compare enrollment scenarios based on simulated changes to market share to assess impacts on your growth potential.

Build Your Enrollment and Revenue Strategy for the Decade Ahead

Explore Different Market Share Scenarios

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Schedule a facilitated discussion with one of our experts to explore your institution’s enrollment futures.

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