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The Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Justice
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Your curated guide for promoting DEIJ initiatives, institutional change, and an inclusive culture

EAB's DEIJ Resource Center brings together our vast library of best-practice DEIJ research, tools, and insights dedicated to helping college and university leaders cultivate diversity, foster inclusion, promote equity, and fight for justice for their students, faculty, staff, and communities. Explore EAB’s library of DEIJ resources below.

Our goal is to provoke thought and agitate for action across higher education. We believe that diversity, equity, and inclusion, while noble goals and disciplines on their own, must be animated by the ongoing pursuit of justice for those harmed by the racist systems of oppression that operate throughout our society. Colleges and universities have a vital role to play in this work.

EAB’s library of DEIJ resources is organized into six categories specific to some component of institutional change. You can jump to specific sections using the links below.

If you have specific questions for how to navigate a resource or implement best practices, contact your Strategic Leader. If you’re not a current EAB partner, you can learn more about our solutions for institutional strategy here.


Manage vision and strategy by examining DEIJ strategies and coordinated support structures for institution-wide efforts.


Reimagine institutional administration to align policies and procedures with DEIJ goals.


Enhance faculty and staff experience by creating equitable hiring and retention practices to foster an inclusive workplace.


Improve student success by designing enrollment, onboarding, and campus supports that promote equitable access and financial justice.


Redesign student learning to ensure seamless access to inclusive pedagogy and culturally responsive learning opportunities.


Transform campus climate by responding to and learning from community challenges to promote an inclusive environment.

Manage vision and strategy

Explore the resources below to articulate your institution’s DEIJ strategy and create support structures for coordinated and sustained institutional initiatives.

3 language mistakes to avoid in your institution’s DEIJ plans

As institutional leaders develop diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) strategic plans, it’s important for them to consider how they frame their priorities and commitments. EAB reviewed over 40 DEI plans from institutions across the U.S., Canada, and Europe and found that many used generic and deficit-based language to articulate their priorities.

Spotlighting Pitfalls to Avoid in Institutional DEIJ Plan Design and Writing

This webinar outlines the common pitfalls to avoid in DEI Strategic Plans. We also highlight EAB’s support services to help institutions ensure they have a differentiated, accessible, and actionable plan.

Institutional Strategy Index for Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Justice

EAB’s Institutional Strategy Index for DEIJ comprehensively and objectively evaluates the current state of your institution’s DEIJ efforts against best practice. Sign up to receive a personalized, prioritized roadmap of investments and actions designed to help close your institution’s most critical equity-related gaps.

Featured resource

Get started on strategy with the Institutional DEIJ Plan Starter Kit.


Reimagine institutional administration

Examine these resources to better align administrative policies, processes, and priorities with DEIJ vision and goals.

The Evolving Role of the Chief Diversity Officer

Experts discuss ways that the role of Chief Diversity Officer is changing and explore broader DEI initiatives that have to be prioritized within our institutions.

Instilling Equity and Inclusion in Departmental Practices

This study will help academic leaders approach diversity and inclusion not merely as an idea, but as the result of more equitable and intentional practices under their direct control.

Remote Work and Hybrid Workplace Resource Center

See EAB’s top resources for addressing the challenges and alleviating the pain points common to remote work.

Featured service

Request a Remote Work Policy Audit to receive a customized report with policy analysis.

Enhance faculty and staff experience

Explore the resources below to review the most recent best practices on inclusive hiring and retention for a diverse workforce.


Diagnose faculty racial inequity with these 8 critical metrics

Many colleges and universities have devoted significant time and resources to diversifying their faculty pipelines, but ensuring these faculty members stick around is the second—and equally critical—step. Discover eight metrics that can help your institution diagnose faculty racial inequity.

3 reasons your faculty searches aren’t yielding diverse candidates

We’ve identified three common mistakes that can be overcome to encourage historically underrepresented candidates to apply for postings at your institution,


Tips for recruiting university staff through candidate-centered, inclusive hiring

Much has already been said about the business case for diversity, but simply setting goals or metrics for minority hiring is transactional and impersonal. To truly attract a diverse set of applicants, your institution must sell itself as an exemplary place to work both professionally and personally.

8 ways to ensure your higher-ed institution is advocating for staff with disabilities

Disabilities are often overlooked in college and university DEI statements and initiatives. Follow these eight imperatives to ensure your higher ed institution is supporting staff with disabilities, from recruitment to advancement.

Featured service

Request a Candidate Experience Web Audit to better understand how job applicants interact with your website's employment page and apply for a position.

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Improve student success

Read through these resources to enhance equitable access and financial justice for students on campus.

The Student Success Strategy Playbook

American higher education has enjoyed a multidecade-long enrollment expansion that may soon come to an end. The recommendations in this report aim to help you and your leadership team reshape your student success strategy in preparation for the anticipated enrollment downturn of the 2020s.

Barriers to Equity in Student Success

Our infographic outlines 116 leading indicators of demographic disparities in student success metrics like retention, academic performance, graduation, and career outcomes.

Taking Action on Student Equity

As the community college landscape continues to evolve, leaders face a critical imperative: improve student outcomes for at-risk populations and close chronic gaps in achievement.

Featured service

Explore the 360-Degree Student Equity Audit to implement and sustain equity initiatives on campus.

Redesign student learning

Review the resources below to ensure course design, pedagogy, and classroom environment support equitable access to culturally responsive learning opportunities.

Facilitate Student-Centered Course Redesign

Large required courses with failure rates as high as 30-60% can create retention and time-to-degree issues for hundreds or even thousands of students at a single institution. Discover how to encourage highly effective, engaging pedagogy and give faculty knowledge of student-centered course redesign.

Redesign Curricular Pathways to Support Student Success

Read this brief for strategies to redesign mathematics courses to better support the success of all students.

Use Open Educational Resources to Reduce Financial Barriers to Academic Success

Use this brief to learn more about open educational resources and the role they play in increasing student equity.

Featured resource

Access the Course and Major Maps Toolkit to align academic requirements with co-curricular opportunities.


Transform campus climate

Explore the resources below to cultivate a healthy campus climate, promote racial justice, and support learning and safety for all community members.

7 Hallmarks of an Anti-Racist Education Institution

Learn about each of the seven hallmarks of an anti-racist institution through the lives of four BIPOC community members in this interactive infographic.

4 things to know to promote racial justice on campus

To create real change on campus, education leaders must make DEIJ efforts a comprehensive and institution-wide effort.

Risk Management Toolkit for Confronting Historical Legacies of Racial Oppression in Higher Ed

When addressing historical ties to racial discrimination and oppression, influential stakeholders often focus on the potential risks of doing so and resist change. Our toolkit will help higher ed leaders address these change management barriers to meaningful progress.

Move beyond debate and take action

Learn more about how the Institutional Strategy Index for DEIJ can help you quickly and comprehensively assess the current state of DEIJ on campus and prioritize the work that matters most to your strategy.

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