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Upcoming Events

Hidden Enemies to Strategy: Cognitive Biases that Prevent Real Change on Campus (Virtual)

More than any other barrier, “the way we’ve always done things”  impedes change on campus. This executive briefing will share concrete tools to lead teams past this and other common obstacles to transformation.


  • June 15, 2:00 – 3:00 PM ET

Cross-Cabinet Roundtables

Confronting Your Historical Racial Legacy: How to Get Buy-in, Mitigate Risk, and Avoid Change Management Barriers

This roundtable event will help higher education leaders understand the biggest change management barriers preventing bold change. Attendees will learn why some influential stakeholders see risk in addressing historical legacies of racism on campus and resist transformation as a result. 


  • June 7, 2:00 – 3:30 PM ET

Past Events

How to get buy-in when confronting your historical racial legacy

EAB experts spoke with university leaders to better understand the biggest change management barriers preventing bold change on campus. In a recent webinar, the research team shared their findings, including a framework to help secure buy-in.

Why you should start planning for a multi-modal future campus today

We recently held a virtual event for college and university cabinets about the role of technology in achieving mission and financial goals. Discover our three takeaways on adopting digital-first and multi-modal strategies.

4 lessons for university presidents on how to grow professional and adult enrollment

Discover the takeaways from our event for college presidents that busted common myths about master’s degree growth and sized the growth potential of certificate and degree completion markets.

How to Create an Internationalization and Global Partnerships Strategy

Learn about the growing complexity of creating internationalization and global partnerships strategy and a more centralized and prioritized approach.

The responsibility and opportunities for economic justice initiatives in higher education

The key takeaways below highlight the opportunities for higher education institutions, no matter their location or type, to begin tackling equitable economic development.

Strategic Opportunities and Threats Presented by the American Rescue Plan

Learn about the American Rescue Plan’s impact on higher education and strategic guidance to institutions as they navigate the additional funds and stipulations.

Resource Centers


The DEIJ Resource Center

Discover a curated list of resources from EAB experts to guide your diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice initiatives on campus.


Mental Health Resource Center

Create a campus-wide culture of well-being and meet the escalating demand for mental health support using EAB best practice research and tools.


The Essential Guide to Cost Containment Strategies for Higher Education

Explore our best practice approach to cost savings and cost containment by pursuing thoughtful strategies to “bend the cost curve” over time.

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