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Chaotic, inconvenient, and inaccurate: words all used by IT Forum partners to describe their institution’s approach to technology project intake. For most universities and colleges, it’s because IT project requests have multiplied over recent years and their traditional, ad hoc approaches to intake have become overwhelmed. Without fair and standardized project intake processes, CIOs are […]

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A few weeks ago, EAB partnered with the California State University (CSU) System to host a system-wide student success summit. Hearing positive feedback and stories from the team not only re-energized me, but also got me thinking about how EAB could replicate their experiences to better support our other system members. After seven years leading […]

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About the Webconference We often tell our students to plan their college journey with the end goal in mind. Unfortunately, we don’t always take the same approach when it comes to our student success work, making it difficult to analyze the effectiveness of our initiatives. In this two-part webinar series, originally presented as a workshop […]

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In this second session, we will focus on the backend of the process – analyzing and reporting on the outcomes of your initiatives. We will dive deeper into using the tools within the Navigate platform to assist with your evaluation, including the new Intervention Effectiveness tool. We will then close out the session with recommendations for how to successfully communicate your results and use your successes (or challenges) to inform future initiatives.

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