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With much variation in faculties’ core responsibilities, careful planning of faculty training programs and resources is imperative to promoting faculty utilization of student success technology. This session will discuss strategies for developing a phased training plan for faculty that is sensitive to their varied responsibilities—from administration to research to teaching to advising,

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We all know that students live on their mobile devices, but getting them to download and continuously engage with a student success application requires your institution to have a clear strategy. Whether you are preparing to launch your mobile app, expand its reach, or deepen student engagement, this session will build from our CONNECTED18 interactive workshop and help you to create a mobile strategy that supports your school’s student success priorities.

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One of the benefits of Pathways is that it helps students explore a variety of different related programs without credit loss. However, it does not explicitly address the needs of students who may want to change their pathway entirely. To prevent these high-achieving students from stopping out of the college altogether, Volunteer State Community College takes a proactive approach by identifying at-risk students in advance and offering them alternative opportunities that still fit their long-term goals.

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