Improving barriers to enrollment yielded Danville Community College $70K in tuition revenue

Case Study

Improving barriers to enrollment yielded Danville Community College $70K in tuition revenue

Process improvements lead to revenue gains

Danville Community College joined the Student Success Collaborative–Navigate in late 2015. At the project kickoff meeting, EAB staff helped college leaders map their enrollment process and identify three critical challenges that prevented students from enrolling on time. Working with EAB, Danville streamlined their enrollment process. In just the first semester, they saw an increase in yield and in tuition revenue.Impact Highlights

4.6 percentage point increase in applicant conversion rate from Fall 2015 to 2016, since adopting EAB recommendations

$70K additional revenue earned from enrolling a greater proportion of the total Danville applicant pool

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Danville Community College

  • Located in Danville, Va., about a mile away from the North Carolina border
  • Serves more than 5,000 students
  • Navigate partner since 2015


All kickoff meetings begin with a process mapping session led by an EAB dedicated consultant, who records the enrollment process students at the college complete from application to enrollment. The meeting includes staff representatives from across the college.

The process mapping session at Danville surfaced three critical onboarding challenges that prevented students’ timely enrollment.

Typical Enrollment Steps at Danville Community College, Before 2016

Three challenges surfaced from EAB process mapping


Streamlined enrollment process generates revenue

After identifying pain points new students experienced during onboarding, leaders at Danville Community College partnered with EAB to streamline enrollment overall. The first step in optimizing the new student experience was to reduce the number of times students visited campus to complete enrollment steps. Students now have to come to campus only twice, once for placement testing and another time for orientation, which includes academic advising.See how the Student Success Collaborative – Navigate can help you streamline the onboarding process for your studentsRead More + $70K

Revenue gained from additional enrollees in Fall 2016 alone


Danville Community College sees 4.6 percentage point uptick in yield

Since partnering with EAB, Danville Community College has seen a 4.6 percentage point increase in their applicant conversion rate. This translates to an additional 39 students enrolled in Fall 2016, enrolling in an average of 12 credits per term. In the first term alone, this equates to over $69,600 in tuition revenue for the college.

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