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Enable targeted intervention and proactive, strategic care

Institutions at advanced levels of SSM Strategic Care strategically use Navigate to provide holistic care to all students. Members rely on cases, alerts, and campaigns to serve all students and to ensure seamless coordination between all student support offices.



Platform Capabilities

Smart Student Profile

Provide intelligent and actionable student data (academic, financial, behavioral) to support holistic and strategic student care.

Campaign Management

Improve advisor efficiency and promote proactive advising with targeted, mass outreach to students, including responsive scheduling and tools to monitor campaign results.

Discover how Navigate helps advisors at Berkshire Community College better connect with students in and out of the classroom

Appointment Scheduling

Provide faculty and staff with flexible appointment scheduling and tools to promote better planning and availability management.

 The 360-view has dramatically changed the way we do advising. Now we have all the data to give them an objective sense of where they are, and what they can do to improve. 

                                                                                                                                             â€“Director of Advising

 This product can revolutionize the student experience and help students attain success. 

                                                                                                    –Director of Advising and Career Services