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Provide curated guidance at the most pivotal moments in each student’s journey

Institutions at advanced levels of SSM Student empower students to succeed through customized, student-friendly guidance in-real time and automatically notify them when they make a misstep to help them stay on the right path.

Faculty & Staff


Platform Capabilities

Guided Onboarding

Provide personalized onboarding guidance tailored to different student types (i.e. first generation, veteran, parent, etc.) and organized by due date.

Learn how Danville Community College leveraged Guided Onboarding to increase enrollment

Program Selection Guidance

Enable students to initiate their own major and career exploration by matching their skills and interests with suggested majors and career statistics.

Degree Planning

Empower students to get on the right path from day one with smart course selection, scheduling and registration support (all informed by degree maps), and student education plans. Includes interactive workspace for advisors and students to collaborate.

See how Wiregrass Georgia Technical College leveraged this feature to streamline registration

 Navigate shows you everything in an uncluttered and simple way. It’s really easy to know what I have to do, and having a schedule collected in front of you really helps finalize what [classes] you’re going to take.