Evaluate Your Student Success Strategy

Evaluate Your Student Success Strategy

Is your school doing enough to address the student success challenge and emerge from the COVID-19 crisis?

This tool is designed to help you evaluate how your institution’s student success strategy compares.

The unfolding COVID-19 crisis has introduced new uncertainty into an already difficult environment for colleges and universities.

Notably, for the past several years, most geographical regions have begun to experience a decline in high school graduates, which has made maintaining enrollment numbers a nation-wide challenge – one that is predicted to become more pronounced as a result of the pandemic.

Given this, many leaders are thinking critically about the immediate steps needed to support and retain current students – and preserve the investments made in enrollment. But, it’s also critical to think about the months and years ahead, and to develop a robust success strategy that accounts for longstanding challenges as well as new ones.

Take the diagnostic

For years, we have observed what the best schools in the nation do to ensure they are safeguarding their investments and retaining students. And in the past several months, we’ve observed what the best schools in the nation are doing to reach all students with the support they need in the midst of a crisis.

The diagnostic is comprised of 17 questions where you will be asked to indicate to what extent you agree with the statement. At the end of the diagnostic, you will be asked to provide your email so that we can provide customized recommendations for your next steps.

Ready to improve your student success strategy?

Our research and insights are powered by our partnerships with over 1,500 schools, colleges, and universities. Discover how we've helped some of our partners with student success.

Supporting students in today’s changing environment can sometimes feel like an overwhelming challenge for those accountable for student success. To help our partners navigate this shifting terrain, we’ve cataloged more than 360 best practices from across our research forums.

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