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Self-service analytics to move from data to action

Colleges are awash with data, but access and capacity issues keep staff from using it to make fast and effective decisions. Rapid Insight puts reliable data in decision-makers’ hands with simplified predictive modeling, a code-free data workspace, and cloud-based dashboards. Empower leaders across your institution—from IR teams to advisors to the registrar’s office—to analyze and quickly act on campus data with Rapid Insight.

Code-free workspace

Construct a data-informed environment

Rapid Insight’s code-free data ingestion workspace allows you to connect to every source on campus, from your SIS or LMS to your CRMs and databases. Repeatable data workflows automatically cleanse and prepare data, quickly producing reliable reports and trustworthy datasets.

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Automated predictive modeling

Predict key outcomes

When anyone on campus can build a predictive model with a single click, you can make tactical and timely decisions about enrollment, student support, advancement, and more. Rapid Insight mines your data for the most statistically significant variables and produces an instant model for your analysis.

Predict and Adjust

Understand the likelihood of future outcomes, then adjust your tactics to foster or avoid those outcomes.

Measure and Optimize

Analyze existing initiatives and processes, then identify and enact improvements.

Experiment and Iterate

Add or remove variables with a single click to measure the impact on your results.

Cloud-based collaboration

Bridge the gap between insight and action

Rapid Insight’s higher education analytics platform gives your stakeholders the information they need in their ideal format. Cloud-based dashboards open in any internet browser and allow users to customize their view and explore data in-depth. Your organization’s data manager governs which data each user can access.

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Partner results and stories


partner institutions


retention rate increase using Rapid Insight to target academic support at a large public university


accuracy predicting incoming class size at a mid-size public university


hours of staff time saved each year at a large public university

Case Study

Targeted Academic Support Outreach Generates $18 Million in Retention Revenue

See how better data helped Lipscomb University target academic support and improve retention 15 percentage points over 9 years.

Case Study

How a Longtime Partner Maximized Reach with a Multifaceted Audience Generation Strategy

Learn how access to pivotal data is helping the Community College System of New Hampshire make decisions from strategic initiatives to individual student assistance.

Expert support

Learn, troubleshoot, and strategize

Rapid Insight partners enjoy unlimited support from higher education data analytics experts. Access technical assistance, attend regular product trainings, get feedback on models and data workflows you build, and receive strategic guidance on planning and executing data initiatives.


James Cousins

Senior Strategic Leader, Data and Analytics

Lily Brennan

Lily Brennan

Strategic Leader, Data and Analytics

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Maggie Dalrymple, Director of Enrollment Analytics at Indiana State University

“When Rapid Insight states that they offer unlimited support, they’re not kidding. And not just with creating these projects, but in determining how to best tackle a problem.”

Lipscomb University logo
Matt Rehbein, Director of Institutional Research, Lipscomb University

“We went from the stone age to the space age in a matter of days.”

Western Carolina University logo
Johnny Lail, Operations Research Analyst, Western Carolina University

“We had one of the highest jumps in the freshman class that we have seen in a long time. No one expected it, yet Rapid Insight predicted it.”

Level up your analytics with Rapid Insight

To learn more about Rapid Insight or speak with a data activation expert, please fill out the form or contact us at 202-747-1005.

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