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Wisr Virtual Communities

Create vibrant, virtual communities that build affinity and boost yield

Wisr is a digital platform that allows colleges and universities to create private, university-branded networks for their prospective and admitted students. This type of virtual engagement space is a critical tool in recruiting Gen Z students, who have a desire for personal connection and authentic information about their future academic home.

Wisr makes it easy for students to “find their fit” by allowing them to join general and niche communities, explore relevant discussion threads, and connect with their peers, including student ambassadors. Engagement with Wisr is also a top predictor of yield among partners.

Welcome students to a first-class virtual community that drives results

Through a powerful combination of user analytics, automated emails, and EAB-led training, enrollment leaders can leverage Wisr to maximize staff efficiency and scale student communication throughout the recruitment cycle.

Wisr equips institutions

Wisr is a student-centric virtual community that allows prospective and admitted students to make impactful peer-to-peer connections and get answers to critical questions at any point of their journey.

1. Facilitate Safe and Secure Connections

Through a permission-based site, students can search profiles of current students, fellow admitted students, and staff to make 1x1 connections and build relationships.

2. Build Community Around Specific Topics

With a customized collection of general and niche communities, students can connect on the topics that resonate most with them, take part in discussion threads, and attend events promoted within Wisr.

3. Maximize Staff and Ambassador Efficiency

Help focus recruitment efforts where it matters most through EAB-led trainings for staff and ambassadors, data insights that guide outreach and predict yield, and automated emails to scale communication.


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We support the full enrollment lifecycle

With three distinct but complementary offerings-a virtual welcome center, a yield and melt solution, and an orientation and first-year experience solution - Wisr's engagement platform supports the full enrollment lifecycle.

  • Give prospective students and parents easy access to campus ambassadors
  • Digital events, communities, and programming
  • Support virtual fly-in and access programs
  • Launch engaging peer-to-peer programing
  • Match new admits to targeted ambassadors, communities, discussions
  • Keep admitted students engaged after deposit and cement your relationship
  • Give incoming students a sense of community as they matriculate
  • Streamline staff, faculty, and students connectivity
  • Power peer mentorship programs

2022 Wisr Virtual Communities Enrollment Yield Report

EAB compiled data from a sample of sixteen schools that partnered with Wisr Virtual Communities during the 2022 yield cycle. Download the report to get insights into the impact of peer-to-peer connections and virtual community on yield.

Partner results and stories


partner institutions


greater likelihood to yield for students who joined the Admitted Student Hub


Higher yield rate for students of color* who joined Wisr before depositing compared to non-Wisr users

*Students of color are defined as any student who did not identify as White, other, or elected not to respond.


A conversation with Colorado State University

Join a conversation with Colorado State University as they share their experience using Wisr Virtual Communities to foster peer-to-peer connections, help students find their place, and increase yield.


2021 Wisr Yield Report

In August 2021, EB compiled data from fourteen partnering colleges and universities to evaluate the impact of digital community and student ambassador engagement on enrollment outcomes. Download the report to learn more about how Wis facilitated higher yield rates and deeper student insight.

Case Study

Creating new networks for prospective students

Learn how Wayne State created a thriving network for prospective students to connect and build peer-to-peer connections rather than just receive communication from administrators.

Case Study

Fostering new connections

Learn how Wellesley College created an online orientation and virtual welcome center to foster connections.

Case Study

How one school’s peer-to-peer network improved yield results for admitted students

Learn how this small, private, four-year institution saw an 8.3x higher yield rate for students who joined their Wisr Admitted Students Network.


Evan Moore

Senior Associate Director of Marketing of Communications at Colorado State University

“The most predictive action a student can take to enroll is to join Wisr.”

Learn how EAB and Wisr can help you engage and yield more students

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