Author: Kara Brown

In our most recent survey of 2,000-plus adult learners, 54% of respondents said they want to further their education to “advance in [their] career” or “change careers.” Especially as prospective adult learners reevaluate their professional, financial, and personal circumstances during and in the wake of COVID-19, institutions should pay careful attention to how they can update their programs to appeal to students seeking a career shift.

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While many campuses have bolstered mental health support and promotion broadly in recent years, graduate students have too often been overlooked. Studies have shown that graduate students are six times more likely than the general population to experience depression and anxiety—but graduate students are rarely the focus of our outreach efforts.

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Faculty can play an important role in student mental health by acknowledging mental health challenges and promoting and being liaisons to support resources. But, while nearly eight out of ten professors had a 1-on-1 conversation with a student about mental health during the last year, less than 30 percent of faculty members said they have received training from their institutions to have such discussions.

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At a recent convening of university leaders, 52% of attendees reported their greatest challenge to expanding their international partnerships is “identifying potential strategic-level partners.” Given these difficulties, finding an existing connection between your campus and a potential partner can help jump-start a long-term collaboration.

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