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We harness the collective power of 1,500 schools, colleges, and universities to uncover proven solutions and transformative insights. And since complex problems require multifaceted solutions, we work with each institution differently to apply these insights through a customized blend of research, technology, and services.

How we help schools support students

Strategic insight, decision support, and implementation guidance for education leaders

Specializing in enrollment, student success, advancement, operations and strategy, and more

Across facilities, student affairs, business affairs, enrollment, advancement, academic affairs, and more

To uncover proven best practices and transformative insights we can share with our members

Analytics and workflow platforms to democratize insight and connect your campus

Through our Student Success Management System, Navigate

Of our decision-support platform, Academic Performance Solutions

In our student success management system, Navigate’s, analytics database

Data enabled marketing and enrollment services to support your growth goals

Than the industry average for EAB Enrollment Services clients

For EAB Enrollment Services clients

Within one year of partnership for Advancement Marketing Services clients

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